Saturday, March 15, 2008

Update on GYN

Well, we ended up going to the er yesterday the pain was so bad and my gyn who wouldn't do anything (see previous post) told us to go there if I was hurting that badly. So we did. They did some tests and everything looked fine, but I could still have something like endometreotis(Sp?) but that requires an out patient surgery that they wouldn't do.

So, they suggested I find a new gyn and get these tests done. However, it will take months to get into a new gyn so we are going to call my primary doc monday (who is fabulous) an see her and see if she will order the tests and we can get this over with and then I can find a new gyn.

I will tell you it has been very frustrating. I have been in so much pain it has been unreal. And the whole thing I went through with my own gyn which I have never experienced in my life, has just been unreal.

I really want to mention her name and where she works here in columbus so nobody else will go to her, but I am sure if I do, she will sue me or some such thing. So, unfortunately I have to keep my mouth shut.

Anyhow, the good news is monday I get to up my meds :) and we are finally seeing a difference in me. The medicine is working and I am becoming less angry an weepy and more myself. I thank God of this.

Also we have FINALLY found a christian support group. I won't go into the details, but one of the girls from the group wrote to me and told me just what I needed to hear. So, Praise God I think we have finally found the group we are looking for. Anyhow, the group meets tuesday night so we will go and see how it is.

I guess thats it for now. I slept in today but woke up hurting terribly already. So I am have taken some pain medicine and am sitting here with my heating pad on my lap which seems to help also.

Keep us in your prayers. I will keep writing. Oh, to start back on my college degree, I have been accepted at Columbus State Community College. I need to take a few classes there to catch up and then I will transfer over to Capital University to finish up my degree. I am planning on just taking one class this fall (math) to get my feet wet and get used to doing this while getting used to everything else. Then in january, I will go full-time.

Ok, Thats it.

Thanks guys for all your support and prayers. We need them daily, sometimes hourly. So thank you so much.

Love all y'all

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