Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year to all of you! Or as we say in the south, to all ya'll!! I hope that each and every one of you had a great Christmas and if you went to a New Years Eve party last night, a great New Years Eve!

I myself went to a New Years Eve party at a friends' house. I had a good time, but came home just a little before midnight. Got the dog walked, it had just started to snow, and was back inside the house to see the ball drop in New York City. The party was nice and I enjoyed meeting some new people, but I wanted to be home before midnight for my reasons.

This was my first new years eve in 19 years as a 'single' gal. I put 'single' in little quotes because I am still married, although separated, and the marriage is ending. It was hard in some ways (another reason I wanted to be home before midnight), and yes, I did cry a little bit, but they were just mostly small tears. I was on the phone with my parents when the ball dropped and I said that this year was going to be a big year ( I turn 40 this year, my marriage is ending, I am back in school etc), and my mom said it would be my best year yet. I hope that she is right. I need a really good year.

Last year was a year of a lot of heartache, changes, and growth. In many ways I hated last year; In many ways, I was glad for what all of that brought forth. I grew in God in amazing ways (still am) and He is doing amazing things in my life and I am so thankful for that. Last year I found myself at a new church that brought new friends and great support with all that I have been through. I am so thankful for all of that.

Last year brought my return to college after a 18 year absence to finally finish my bachelors' degree. I got through fall quarter with a 3.0 GPA and winter quarter starts this Monday (5th). I am taking 9 hrs (2 classes) this quarter. Things are going a little slower than I wanted, but it is better this way I think, because I am able to adjust in small increments and concentrate well and do well.

Last year brought another nephew into my life. It was a surprise for every one, including his mom and dad! They had not planned for him to arrive until this year, but surprise!! We are glad to have him; glad that he was born healthy and easily. I got to spend some time with them over this past weekend and they are both growing so fast! I cannot get over it! This new nephew is going to be my little linebacker! He has my big German bones and is more leggy, like me, than his older brother; the older brother is tall (and I do mean tall!) will be my basketball player. He is built more like his dad and is so skinny!! They are both good, sweet boys though and I love them both very much.

Last year, late in the year, brought my cousin home from his last tour of Iraq. He has a few more months in the Army and then he is done. I am so proud of him and all that he has endured and accomplished, but I am glad that he is done. This last tour was his groups' longest and hardest on those of us left here at home. I prayed a hedge of protection around his specific little group, and to my knowledge, they didn't lose anyone this tour! Praise the Lord!

As many of you know, late in the year, we lost grandma. In some ways, I was surprised, and in some ways not. She was 94 yrs old after all. I will miss her, but know that she is happy in heaven and young and beautiful again. And I know that she'll keep an eye on me like others that have gone before her from my family.

This year, I am going to continue with my college pursuits. I hope at some point to finally find a job (its been so tough out there!). I hope that God will continue to grow me and continue to do the amazing things that He has already been doing in my life. I want to get my back healed (which we are working on) and get back to my workouts; I miss them and I don't like the shape my body is in. I have only been able to not do them for about 6 weeks and have noticed I am losing all that toning and strength I had worked so hard on. I hope to be a better person this year, a better friend, a better Christian, just better over all.

I hope that each one of you will accomplish what you want to this year. I hope that each of will grow in God. Will grow in your personal life. I hope that this year will bring each of you all that you hope for in your life.

Ok, so now I need to find a song. I am not going to pick the usual new years song. To me its too sad and I want something upbeat and happy. Something that supports what I hope this year will bring for me. So, I am off to find a song. Be back.

Ok. Here is the first song. It's probably one of my all time favorites and I like the way this group does it.

"Amazing Grace" by IL DIVO

"Hallelujah" by IL DIVO

"Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra