Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Virtuoso Ignored

This is from todays Daily Bread and I thought it was especially good and wanted to share it with you all.

May the Lord Bless You

March 22, 2008
A Virtuoso Ignored
ODB RADIO: Listen Now DownloadREAD: Romans 1:18-23
Since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen. —Romans 1:20

A man wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and a baseball cap positioned himself against a wall beside a trash can at the L’Enfant Plaza station in Washington, DC. He pulled out a violin and began to play. In the next 43 minutes, as he performed six classical pieces, 1,097 people passed by, ignoring him.
No one knew it, but the man playing outside the Metro was Joshua Bell, one of the finest classical musicians in the world, playing some of the most elegant music ever written on a $3.5 million Stradivarius. But no crowd gathered for the virtuoso. “It was a strange feeling, that people were actually . . . ignoring me,” said Bell.
God also knows what it feels like to be ignored. The apostle Paul said that God has sovereignly planted evidence of His existence in the very nature of man. And creation delivers an unmistakable message about His creativity, beauty, power, and character. Although God has revealed His majesty, many refuse to acknowledge and thank Him. But God will hold everyone responsible for ignoring who He is and what He has revealed: “They are without excuse, because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful” (Rom. 1:20-21).
Let us acknowledge and thank the Virtuoso of heaven, who has wonderfully revealed Himself to us. — Marvin Williams

The treasures of the crystal snows,And all the wonders nature shows,Speak of a mighty Maker’s handThat all in love and wisdom planned. —Bosch
All creation is an outstretched finger pointing toward God.

New Snow

Well, our big snow all melted and then it rained and rained. But today it's snowing again and its such a beautiful snow. Big flakes and softly coming down. It's just like a perfect winter scene. I think its just beautiful and lovely to watch.

Those who live here, enjoy the snow. It is one of God's most beautiful gifts.

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Big Night and My First Step into Politics

Well, it was just fabulous! Even the food was good! Italian lasagna etc. MMM. It was great to see Ken again as I had not seen him since his 2006 gubernatorial campaign. He looked good and it was great to talk with him again.

I also got to meet Tom Delay and have picture of he and I together that my hubby took with my phone (it came out really well). That was nice. He was very nice and I enjoyed talking with him.

Other than working Ken's gubernatorial campaign in 2006, this is really my first foray into politics. This is it. My hubby was happy I was so excited and that I joined the group. He knows this is my thing. He doesn't participate in anything political unless its a special occasion,like election night. Which is fine. He is happy to let me do this cause he knows I enjoy it and its really just my thing.

The group is call "Coalition for Conservative Majority". Columbus is one of 9 chapters so far. We will meet once a month. It's goal is not to support one candidate or another, but to get conservatives to get out there and take action against or for specific cause or issue. I am so excited for this. It is needed because true conservatives need to get off their butts and get to work on things. Also to get together with other groups, Right to Life etc., and work together on issues that need to be taken care of.

We as conservatives need to not be afraid to get out there and work for our party. If we don't, like things have been this year, we will be in position to lose anything we have worked for in the past. Get out there and work!

If anyone is interested in joining the website is I think it's well worth it and I look forward to working with the group and working to get things done. We need to desperately or we are going to lose this country (my opinion).

OK, I will get off my soap box now. I know some of you will not agree with this but this is what I believe.

Thanks for letting me spout about my political things.

Love you all.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


My hubby and I have a big night tonight. We have been invited and are going to a dinner with Ken Blackwell and Tom Delay. I know some of you may differ in politics from me, but for me, a political science major and one who hopes to get into politics, this is a BIG night for me and I am so excited.

I do ask that you pray that the female pain I am experiencing will go away for tonight. That God will take it away and let me enjoy the evening.

I will write more about it tomorrow. The dinner starts at 7pm and I don't know if I will feel like writing when we get home.

Thanks you guys, Love to all!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Friends Forever

I just got an email from a friend I have had since college (I am NOT going to say how many years ago that has been!). I had told her what the situation was and she said not to worry,we were friends for life.

That was just what I needed to hear. Since we have struggled with not hearing from our friends here, it was just what we needed to hear and know that she and her husband are supporting us.

So two girls who met oh so many years ago are still friends and I thank God for that and for her. I know her and her husband are praying for us.

Love you girl, you know who you are!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Praise!

The new gyn that my doc referred me to is getting me in next week! I have an appointment next week!! I praise God for this because I really need to be seen by gyn and this worked out fabulously! They were very nice and willing to work with me schedule wise. I am just though thankful I got in so soon..usually it takes months as you girls know.

God is good!

Love y'all

Monday, March 17, 2008

Praise The Lord

I have a serious praise tonight and I can't share what it is because of the people who don't know. Those of you who do know know what the praise is, but I just wanted to put this out there that God is GREAT! And I am so thankful for Him and all He has done.


Praise the Lord I was able to get into my family doc today at 315pm. So, we will she what she wants to do but hopefully she will order the tests I need.

I see my foot doc at 110pm. Don't know what the prognosis on that will be. Still have alot of pain in the bone near my big toe. So we will see what happens.

Pray for my hubby. He is sick. And he never gets sick. But today he is sick and in bed resting. Pray that this leaves him quickly.

Will update more later.

See ya.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

female situation

we are going to call my regular doc in the morning and try to get in to see her tomorrow to order more tests for whatever is going on female wise with the pain. i suspect i have endometriosis as my mom had it and i think my grandma (her mom) did too. anyhow, tests need to be ordered and all that.

pray that we can get through to my doc in the morning and that her nurse will work us in to see her tomorrow. am still suffering severe pain.

also see foot doc tomorrow. have been experiencing some pretty bad pain with that especially in the bone there by the big toe. don't know if something is going on (fracture etc) that is just now showing up, but please pray that they can find the source of the pain and fix it no matter what it takes. i am sitting here with ice on my foot and heating pad on my tummy(lower) area. what a mix.

also please pray for my hubby. on top of taking care of me, he has a terrible cold and is coughing etc quite a bit. pray it leaves his body quickly.

thanks guys.


Well, once again I am writing about the loss of our friends. I have been out of the hospital for over a week and we have only heard from 4 people who care and want to know how we are doing.

Nobody is emailing, calling or anything. The ones we thought we could rely on the most have deserted us. We were at church today and some spoke to us but not in the normal way, others ignored us altogether. Not a word.

It hurts me deeply that they are treating us like this. When we need them the most they have left us hanging out to dry and quite frankly, it sucks.

The friends that I am talking about are supposed to be our core of best friends and are the only ones who know what has happened and what is going on. We shared with them our deepest personal problem and the dump us like yesterdays trash.

It hurts so bad and I am so upset, that at this point I don't care if they ever contact us again. I am tired of trying to deal with what we now have to deal with and not have any support from the group that is supposed to be our best core of friends.

Anyone else out there deal with this? I just don't know what to do. It hurts me so badly that I have spent time crying over this. Now, the tears are gone and I am just mad.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. At this point if things don't change I think we're going to have to find a new group of friends, which is hard work in itself.

Guess that's it for now. Love you all.