Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well, for those of you who may have started to think that I fell off the face of the earth, I am still here. It has been a wild (and by wild, I mean not fun) past few weeks.

First of all, ya'll remember that I fell here at home about a month ago and buggered up my right knee pretty badly. Well, I was on crutches because of that, which was not fun at all. We had a big snow and ice storm about a week after that, and of course, being the klutz I am, I slipped on the ice and snow (on my crutches) and landed on my already injured right knee and then buggered up my left one as well.

The good news is that all x rays and MRI's show no tears or anything major like that in either knee, that would require surgery. My right knee is actually starting to feel more normal, although it still aches at the end of the day. My left knee is taking longer to heal; but of course, that is my bad knee anyways. I started PT on both knees last week and also have exercises to do here at home. They are saying my PT will be twice a week for 4 weeks, then we will go from there. So, my mom had come up to help me with things since it was really difficult and even painful for me to drive. She stayed two weeks, bless her heart, and helped with stuff around the house and ran me around for this and that.

I had a migraine out of nowhere towards the end of January. I could not figure out where it came from; or what was causing it. It also made my right ear hurt which was really weird. Well, the headache and earache just kept getting worse and worse, so I called my doc, who saw me last week. She diagnosed me with a sinus and ear infection (so much fun!). She put me on a strong antibiotic and told me to go home and rest. Well, it got worse before it got better. I spent the beginning of this week just miserable. For the first few days, I still had the headache and earache. The headache went away finally and then the earache, but then I had just the most awful body aches. I think everything, the injuries to my knees and the sinus and ear infections, just aggravated my fibromyalgia. I hurt all over, even in my toes! But, I am feeling much better today. I have 3 more days on the antibiotic, so hopefully that will be the end of it!


I didn't make it to church this past Sunday because I was so sick, but I went the Sunday before, even though I didn't feel well already (had the headache and earache, but it wasn't constant yet). Our Pastor is speaking on First Peter right now and they have been great sermons. I have really enjoyed them and the spirit that has been in our services over the past month or so. It has been awesome.

I became a member of New Life, a week ago Sunday. We had to stand up front and tell our name and about where we lived in the greater Columbus area. Of course, I had to go first! I was nervous, but I at least got the crowd to laugh a little with what I said. It felt good to be fully welcomed into the fold, so to speak; not that I hadn't felt that before, but it was just a cool thing and I look forward to doing the work that God wants me to do in and with the church.

I did get to go to a Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game several weeks ago. We had a good time and even though I was in pain with my knees, I really enjoyed myself! And they actually won that night, which was really cool. I hadn't been to one of their games in quite a while. And there were a couple of good fights during the game, which makes it a really good hockey game. You know the old saying "In the middle of a fight, a hockey game broke out"; that's what I call good hockey.

They announced that Kenny Chesney is coming to Columbus in May at Crew Stadium (where our pro soccer team plays). I wrote my sister in law and asked if she was up for going; she of course said yes. I told her that if Kenny was coming for an outdoor concert in May, it meant that summer wasn't that far away!! Thank goodness. I am looking forward to going to that with her.

Our weather has been just weird. January was so bitterly cold and we had that big snow and ice storm that left us with about 10 inches of snow. Well, over the past 2 weeks it has warmed up some and all of that melted away, slowly. Yesterday at about 7pm, it was still 51 degrees! Then it all came to an end, of course. A front came through yesterday evening and overnight, dropping temps dramatically, with rain and high winds (currently it is about 18 degrees with a windchill of 9) and its snowing again! They said on the weather last night that at some point in the next week, we are supposed to get about 4 or so inches of snow and its supposed to stay really cold again! Winters' back! It's snowing now, just a little bit. The weatherman said last night that we couldn't really say that winter is over here in Columbus until about May 1st. We may have warm spots here and there, but then get cold etc., again. Fun, fun. I am ready for summer and the warmth of the sun.

Well, our Republican National Committee has elected a new chairman. They chose Michael Steele from Maryland, which I am not happy about at all. I was hoping that they would smarten up and put someone like Ken Blackwell into the spot, but they did not. I just don't think that Mr Steele will give the Republican party the true leadership that it desperately needs right now. The conservatives feel left out, that the party has abandoned us; but then I have heard my moderate friends say that they feel abandoned by the party also. So, Mr Steele and the committee in general certainly have their work cut out for them. I hope that they will listen to us, the members of the party, and what our concerns are and what we want to see done. I don't hold out much hope for that.

Our state party needs some real leadership also. They elected the same people in as party leadership, which has gotten us nowhere. We lost the 2006 gubernatorial election; we didn't carry McCain/Palin in last years' Presidential election; and we lost a couple of seats to the democrats in the US House/Senate. So, what does the state party do? They elect the same type of people that got us nowhere in those elections and expects them to be able to turn the party around, state wise. I have my doubts on that also. But, we will see on both situations, national and state, as time moves forward.

Well, I guess I have blabbed enough for now. Just wanted to pop up and say hi and write a bit about what's been going on. I am so ready for summer, I will have to try to find a summer song to end this with. Ya'll take care and God Bless.

"Summertime" by Kenny Chesney