Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Week

Today is Sunday and I will say it again, whew! Last week was just a week like I don't know what. It seemed like it lasted forever long and yet flew by, all at the same time. I started out the week so very sick and ended it, thankful that it was over.

Well, I wrote just last Thursday, but that seems years ago. I did venture out for a bit Friday and did a little work, and had PT. Yesterday, I worked around the house and then couldn't sleep last night. Today, I ran a couple of errands on shaky legs and have done the laundry.

I did my exercises yesterday that my physical therapist wants me to do every day here at home when I don't have PT. Well, by last night, my leg and hip muscles were twitching and cramping something fierce. Even taking my muscle relaxer at bedtime didn't help. I did not get to sleep till about 5 am this morning because of it and the pain that it caused; then only slept for a few hours. They are still twitching a lot and just feel so heavy today. I did not do my exercises today; thought maybe it was a bit too much, might try again tomorrow.

I got rid of my wedding rings last week. Sold them to a jewelry store. So, that's that. Got rid of the engagement ring around Christmas, trading it in on a pair of diamond earrings (which I love to wear), I just sold the rings for cash. No twinges or tears this time.

The soon to be ex floored me last night by asking a loaded question at the end of a short email. I haven't answered him yet. Actually sent him an email asking him why, after all this time, does he want to know this or that about what went wrong, when he didn't care to before now...even though I begged him to at times. Geez. This one is going to take some thinking.

It snowed some today and is soooo cold. It's in the low 20s with wind chills in the teens. Ugh. I hate winter. March is at the end of this week and I wished it were June instead. I miss the sun and the warmth of it on my skin. Can't wait to hit the beach this summer. I hate winters in the north. Oh, and this new daylight savings time thing, I especially hate. We didn't drop back till November and we bounce forward 2 weeks from today. Ugh. Ugh. I hate it.

Thinking about taking my classes for Spring quarter online. It wouldn't require me to actually have to go sit in class, which would leave me more time to work. Just have to be disciplined about getting the work done etc. Not even sure yet what I am going to take. Need to figure it out soon though; Spring quarter starts March 30th.

Still planning on getting a different vehicle at the end of March before classes start back up. I just can't handle that stupid Buick anymore, physically and every week it seems like something new goes wrong with it. Already got the plans in the works for the newer vehicle. Can't wait to get it.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Not really a lot to say today, I guess, but felt like I wanted to write anyways. I will leave ya'll with one of my all-time favorite songs. I have loved it ever since I was a kid and hearing it always reminds me of being on a beach at the end of a summer's day. Till next time....

"In My Room" by the Beach Boys