Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama's Speech on "Health Care Reform"

Tonight, Obama will address the United States Congress as well as the American people, on what seems to be a last ditch effort to save his precious 'health care reform'. He has lost all control of this, which does not bother me.

He seems to be waffling on the 'public option' part of the bill and yet Nancy Pelosi says no bill will be presented on the floor of the House of Representatives that does not have that 'option' in it! Representatives and Senators from his own party are jumping ship quickly! I do not know how many of them actually held town halls and listened to people, but I do know that some are in terrible trouble for re-election next year!

Again, we are rolling fast down the hill of socialism. We already have it in some areas of our lives, but we need to pay attention to everything, not just health care. The things that Obama and his administration want to do to this country, would make us a socialistic country, not a republic that is ruled by democracy. They are cramming things through so fast, it makes my head spin, but we must pay attention to it all!!

Do not listen to the smooth talker tonight and buy into his words. He is just giving a good speech, which about all he is good at, he does not know what he is saying. Do not be lured into his smooth words, it will be the death of America.

Here is a link to the House of Representatives bill that's been floating around out there. I would have put the actual text on here, but it would have taken way too long. Look through it, read it, use the brain the God gave you and learn!

Yesterday when I wrote this, I included a song done by the Glenn Beck Show. For some reason, when I clicked on the link today, it said the song wasn't there on YouTube anymore. So, I found another one. It's the same song, new words 'hailing' Obama set to the tune of "Gimn Sovetskogo Soyuza" the national anthem of the former Soviet Union. Hopefully this link will work better.

Again, have a smile or two with it, but also give it some pause and thought. It is a serious matter.

Take Our Country Back!!! Throw These Socialists/Communists/Marxists Out on Their Bum!!!