Thursday, April 22, 2010

Obama and His Socialists

OK, have we had enough yet America? When are we going to stand up and say, enough! Stop destroying our country and return it to the people!

First, it was the car companies. The government just had to take over them or they were never going to make it. Well, in a capitalist society, businesses fail sometimes. I will say this, I need to get a newer vehicle myself and I won't buy anything but a Ford. They didn't take any bailout money and are doing just fine. Support them all you can.

Secondly, it health care. Oh, we've got to take over health care because not enough people have insurance and its just going to cost us a fortune if we don't do something about it. Well, they've done something about it and guess what? It's going to us more than a fortune to "run" it. It's 1/6Th of our economy and the best way to destroy an economy, a country is from within. Hmm.

Now, they are going after Wall Street. They want to punish them for being successful and making too much money. Boohoo. Funny thing is, they, the Democrat Socialists, have been in bed with these people for a very long time. So, if Obama gets his way on this Wall Street business, there will be 3 major things that are no longer free enterprises; they will be owned by the government (of course Obama will say by the people, but don't believe that lie!)

So, Americans, when are you really going to stand up and fight and say ENOUGH! Now, I am not advocating violence here at all, but we can demonstrate much more, write letters, make phone calls, voting; there is so much we can do to get our country back.

And we Must! If we do not act now, we will wake up and it will be gone and then it will be harder to get back than most people think. Get up from in front of the TV, off the couch, and get moving! Take care of your country, or you will lose it!

I do want to say a word about the 20 states and growing, whose AG's have decided to sue the Obama administration over the health care bill/issue. I applaud them whole-heartedly! They are suing, challenging it's Constitutionality and I do believe it is Un-Constitutional. For a President who supposedly studied Constitutional Law, he sure doesn't know a lot about it, does he?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday to my Mom! I hope you have a super birthday!

Love you!!

The Beatles: They Say Its Your Birthday.