Thursday, September 11, 2008


I tried to think and find an appropriate poem to place here today for the remembrance of what happened September 11, 2001 here in our great country. I couldn't find one that I liked well enough or said what I wanted to convey on a day such as this.

Then I remembered that great song, "God Bless America"; I listened to it once again and found that yes, it conveyed all that I wanted to convey on this day. The only person I know that does this song the best way is the great Kate Smith.

So, as you go about your day today, pause for a moment or two and remember those who died 7 years ago today in New York City, The Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and that lonely field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Also take a moment and remember our troops that are now serving in our war against terrorism and say a prayer for them and their safety.

May God truly Bless America!!!

Take it away Kate:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday, Tuesday

Well, here we are at the second Tuesday of September already. It is hard to believe how fast time is flying by as we have moved from the summer into the fall. It seems time is moving faster and faster as we have gone through the year. I guess part of that is because I have been busy.

I intended to write on here yesterday, titling it 'Monday, Monday' after the song from the Mamas and the Papas, but I didn't get it done. Thus the title for today's post, even though its not a song from the Mamas & the Papas.

We had storms come through here overnight that surprised me with their intensity. I knew that there was a cold front coming, but since it was at night, I figured it wouldn't be that bad. I was surprised when I saw on the late news the storms that were out there and headed this way! I heard the first thunder from a small storm before I fell asleep. The big boomers woke me up briefly when they came through later in the night, but I went right back to sleep. And it's so nice and cool today!

Had to take the dog to the Vet yesterday. When we got up Sunday morning she had a bit of a limp, but I thought she had perhaps laid on her leg wrong. Later in the day on Sunday however, the limp got worse and there was some swelling on the wrist of her right front leg. Yesterday morning, the limp wasn't as bad, nor was the swelling. So, I decided to watch her for a few days and see if things got better or worse. I went about my day yesterday, doing some "fall cleaning" and applying at yet another place for work (23rd application). By yesterday afternoon though, she is in very obvious discomfort and pain, crying a bit. So, I called the Vet and they saw us yesterday at 430pm.

He seemed to think she had some sort of soft tissue injury. He gave her a shot of cortisone and told me to have her take it easy for the next 7 -10 days. He said if after the 10 or so days, she was still limping and/or still in pain, to bring her back for x rays and such; but he felt sure it was just a small soft tissue problem. I was so thankful. She will be 10 yrs old next month and I was worried that it might have been something more serious. So, she has been resting quite a bit since our visit to the Vet. Still limping, but doesn't seem to be in as much pain.

I went to a Christian rock concert at my church Sunday night. They are a local band (my church is their home church) and are slowly branching out. The concert Sunday night was a CD release concert for the second CD; it's titled "Perspective". They were really excellent and I enjoyed the concert thoroughly. They are a loop band, which was different experience for me, and it was interesting to watch them work everything throughout the concert.

I was equally impressed with their heart for the Lord and their desire to share His word and message with the world. They are a good group of kids who were not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves and share some personal experiences. The groups name is STATION 2. If you would like to check them out and hear a bit of their music, you can find all of that on their website: Give them a listen!

Classes start at college two weeks from tomorrow. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. Am taking a full load, 14 hours each quarter this year to get everything done that I need to get done before transferring over to the school where I will actually get my degree. The actual class schedule is not that bad, but it will be a challenge keeping up with that full load. I need to get a backpack, notebooks, pens, and actual school books yet; in addition I need to get my parking sticker (which is expensive, I think) and my school ID. So, I have got quite a bit to do in the next 2 weeks before classes start. I had hoped to have a job by now to help offset some of these costs, but so far, nothing on that front.

I have been a little discouraged about finding a job. There is nothing worse than looking for work, I think. I have tried to do 2-3 or more applications/resumes a week, and am not getting any real bites at all. However, I am not alone in that. I have friends and family who are also looking for work; all of us looking for different kinds of jobs; all of us requiring different pay, benefits etc; and all of us are just not having much success in finding that job. I have tried to stay encouraged, knowing that God is in control. He knows what I need and I am really trying to be patient and trusting in Him to bring about the right job at the right time. My humanness wanted something two weeks ago, but evidently it wasn't in His timing. So, I am doing what I can in finding work and just trying to trust and rely on God to provide what I need at the time that He knows is right.

I will be back into a small group Bible study starting tomorrow evening. It's a group of just women, which is very different for me, but I think it will be a good experience. I have really missed my Beth Moore group, but see some of the ladies from time to time at church and its always good to see them. I don't know what my new group will be studying, but I am looking forward to it.

Our church is starting a series this Sunday on relationships and marriage. They are doing this to coincide with the release of the Christian movie about the same thing, called "FIREPROOF". In some ways I am looking forward to the series and the movie and in some ways not so much. It will be difficult to sit through at times, I am sure, because of what I am going through right now. But, I am also looking forward to whatever God would like for me to learn from or about etc., from this sermon series and movie. So, I am looking forward to it with a little nervousness. God will be there with me though and help me through it and to learn from it. He has been with me every step of the way these past 13 weeks and I know He will continue to walk with me; guide me; direct me; comfort me.

Well, I guess that's about it for this time. I hope that ya'll are doing well and living in the Word. Remember to pray for our country during the final days of this election season; its going to get very intense, I think. Also, if you would remember my cousin who is finishing up his tour overseas for continued protection and safety. We are anxious for him to come home and super anxious to see him!

Ya'll take care of one another. May the Lord Bless you and keep you.