Monday, April 4, 2011

The Singles Post

Well, I will say here what I said on fb.  I am disappointed that there has been no response, except one, about my posting on Sunday about Singles and the Churches.  I did not hear from one Christian (except the one I mentioned) or even one Church.  I am astounded!

Do we (singles) not matter to you as a Church Body?  Should we not be able to have time to fellowship together as singles?  I feel like we do not matter in the church.  If you're single and even close to 40 or over, well, forget it, we're not going to have any single activities for you.

So, I guess its back to the bars and nightclubs.  Way to go Churches!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Singles in the Church

I asked this question on facebook yesterday and did not receive any responses.  So, I thought I would try here and see if it provoked any response.

I am in my early 40s and single.  I have been looking for a singles group at a church.  I like my church and would like to stay there, however, they have no singles group either (and they are big enough for one).  I have been attending there for almost 1 1/2 yrs off and on and asked several times about a singles group and they keep saying they are working on it, but so far nothing.  I really feel like I need it.  I have been single for 3 yrs now and its time.

So, I called around to some other decent sized churches here in town, and nope, they do not have singles groups.  Then I called several large churches in the city next to us (which is bigger of course) and some of them do have singles groups, but they are only for those in their 20s and 30s, they do not allow anyone older in the group.

So, here is my thing.  Why are churches basically ignoring those of us who are over 40 and single??  Do they not think that we need fellowship and time with each other? Are we supposed to go to church and wear name tags that say 'Hi, I am single'.  I do not understand why churches are not reaching out to this group of people.  They are missing out (the churches).

We need a singles group as much as the younger groups.  We've experienced life; some of us have been married and divorced, widowed or what-have-you.  It would enrich us to be able to get together and share our stories, some of us are still hurting, but also just talk about daily things and HAVE FUN!

So, can anyone answer me why churches seem to ignore those who are single and over 40?  I do not understand it at all.  They have things for kids, teens, young adults, etc., but nothing for us. It really kind of hurts me that there is nothing there for us.  Where are we supposed to turn to? Bars? Dance clubs?  The lonely hearts club??  I am truly at a loss.

Please, please, if someone has an answer or suggestions, please let me know because I do not know where to turn to from here. I honestly don't.