Monday, March 9, 2009

With a Little Help of My Friends

Well, as I shared in my previous post, last week was just awful. But my friends were calling and checking on me, others were praying for me, even the soon to be ex helped with things (thank you again so much!). And of course, God has been with me every step of the way; at night in bed when I am in so much pain I think I am going to die: He has given me the strength to fight through it all and get up yet again!

So, I worked a few hours today. I have tried to clean the house in spurts. So far, got the laundry done and put away, dishes done, cleaned the bathroom, changed the bedding. Tomorrow I should sweep and mop. We'll see how the morning goes before I have to work, I have quite a lot I am juggling right now and need to get some other stuff done too.

Anyway, so I am laying here, just about to drift off to sleep and sleep well, I hope. VH1C is carrying the original Woodstock tonight, oh man. I have the Cd's from the original, but need to get the DVDs for it. It is truly an unique experience many have tried to "recreate" the original Woodstock and have failed. Cannot make better that which was perfect the first time around; the original experience cannot be repeated. Once in a life time.

I already know the song I am going to pick and I hope that God is a rock 'n' roller deep down inside too! It's just a great, classic song. Okay here's the song: enjoy it, its truly one of the great ones. Love ya'll and Peace

"With A Little Help of My Friends" by Joe Crocker

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oral Surgery and the devil on my back....

Hi all! I feel like its been forever since I have written on here. It's been rough going the past week or two; well, really longer than that.

I had oral surgery last Monday (March 2nd). The surgery went well, and I thought the recuperating would go easily as well. I had a runny nose a couple of days before the surgery, and the morning of the surgery, but thought it was because it was so darn cold (like 7 degrees in the morning!). Evidently it was not. I progressed through the day of and the day after the surgery and thought I was going to be okay. Then I started having trouble; terrible pain in my jaw, head congestion, then a cough. For the first bit of trouble, I thought it was from the surgery, but now I know it was a sinus situation that was just aggravated by the surgery. It's been a week!

I am feeling some better today, still a little sinus pain and body aches, but I am sure part of that is the huge cold front that is coming through later today. I still get out of breath pretty easily, and get worn out easily, but don't feel quite as bad. Hopefully another night of Mucinex D and good rest will help kick it out for good.

The soon to be ex has been a big help throughout this past week. He has brought me medicine, groceries, come and taken care of the dog, etc. I really appreciate all of his help very much. It was very nice of him to be of such a big help.

I just feel like ever since I fell back in January and hurt my knees, that the devil has just taken this opportunity to keep me down by constantly beating me up with physical ailments. Unfortunately, he knows that is my weakness and he also doesn't like the growth that I have had in and with the Lord. He wants to discourage me and keep me down and I am determined not to let him. I have asked friends and family to pray that the devil would just get off my back, that my strength would return so that I would be able to continue on the path and growth that the Lord wants/has me on. I would ask those of you who may read this, to do this as well. Thanks.

Unfortunately, I missed our Spring Women's retreat because of all of this. I was so looking forward to going and to hearing Tammy Smith, the speaker. I was just not able. It would have taken every ounce of strength to just shower and get ready to go, let alone to be able to go and sit there etc. I was so disappointed, but knew I would have just been miserable. Laurie B., our Women's Ministries leader at Church, said she has a "goodie" bag for me that is full of good stuff from the retreat. I am looking forward to receiving that from her whenever we work it out to meet up; and it was sure nice of her to remember me and save one back for me since I was not able to attend!

Not much else is going on (that's enough, don't ya think?). We started out last week soooo cold, and ended yesterday at 77 degrees for a high. It's about 63 today, but is kind of a cool 63, would be different if the sun were out. We've had some rain this morning and are expecting storms this afternoon/night, as the cold front comes through. They are saying we will be back to winter temps by the end of the week. What a thrill! I hate this time of year; wish that it would just get warm and stay warm, or stay cold until its ready to be warm for good!

My good friend's cousin is supposed to be coming out with his first CD soon (I almost said record, that will tell you how old I am!). He was runner-up on last years' American Idol. His name is Jason Castro and I like what I have heard so far of his music. He is a Christian and has great family support, but Kathy, my friend, asked that we all surround him with prayer as he steps out with his first CD and for the Lord's path for Jason's life. So, I am asking all of you to pray as well as this young man steps out into the music world, that he will keep to the Lord's path and leading with his career and life. Will keep you posted as to when the CD is out and what the title is, as I don't know either just yet. Thanks so much.

Well, I guess that's it for today. Please do keep me in your prayers, I would appreciate it very much. Okay, now let me find a song, be right back. Okay, here we go, enjoy and God Bless.

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Jason Castro