Monday, March 9, 2009

With a Little Help of My Friends

Well, as I shared in my previous post, last week was just awful. But my friends were calling and checking on me, others were praying for me, even the soon to be ex helped with things (thank you again so much!). And of course, God has been with me every step of the way; at night in bed when I am in so much pain I think I am going to die: He has given me the strength to fight through it all and get up yet again!

So, I worked a few hours today. I have tried to clean the house in spurts. So far, got the laundry done and put away, dishes done, cleaned the bathroom, changed the bedding. Tomorrow I should sweep and mop. We'll see how the morning goes before I have to work, I have quite a lot I am juggling right now and need to get some other stuff done too.

Anyway, so I am laying here, just about to drift off to sleep and sleep well, I hope. VH1C is carrying the original Woodstock tonight, oh man. I have the Cd's from the original, but need to get the DVDs for it. It is truly an unique experience many have tried to "recreate" the original Woodstock and have failed. Cannot make better that which was perfect the first time around; the original experience cannot be repeated. Once in a life time.

I already know the song I am going to pick and I hope that God is a rock 'n' roller deep down inside too! It's just a great, classic song. Okay here's the song: enjoy it, its truly one of the great ones. Love ya'll and Peace

"With A Little Help of My Friends" by Joe Crocker

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