Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Still Snowing!!!

It's about 315am. The dog woke me up about an hour ago; I don't think she is feeling well. I am trying to keep an eye on her, but need to get back to sleep and try to get some rest. My knee is killing me.

It is currently 11 degrees and still snowing off and on. I don't think its ever going to stop, really. I am sick of it already. I have about 9 inches or so in the backyard. It comes up over the tops of my boots when I walk the dog; need to get some taller boots tomorrow (today). Anyhow, they are forecasting snow at least every day through Wednesday of this week; then I think we get a break for a day or two, then it starts up again. What a thrill (not).

I went to a Discover New Life class earlier this evening. It was interesting. Some of it, I don't believe in; most of it, I don't have problem with it. We'll see. I want to talk to a few people and one of the Pastors' before I make a decision. I thought they were going to feed us at the class, but they didn't. So, I stopped at Subway on the way home and got just a sandwich (have chips and soda here at the house).

I got my hair cut this past Friday. Had her take about an inch or more off. It had gotten really long and cutting it perked up my perm a little. I got the perm a little before Thanksgiving, so I am really hoping it will last till Spring Break (end of March) but we will see. Feels better having finally managed to get it cut.

I've got to get to Walmart tomorrow and get a few things, food wise. Need a few other things too; need to look at their shredders and decided which one I want and how much I want to pay. Need to look at alarm clocks and whether or not I want one I can plug my IPOD into, once I get an IPOD. Want to look at new curtains for the kitchen (which means I need to measure the windows); just a few other things.

Well, I think I am going to check on the dog and try to get some rest, just in case she needs help later on. Keep her in your prayers.

Since it is really just plain freezing cold out there; and snowing and snowing and snowing: I think I will look at some songs to take us away to the islands or the beach etc. Be back after I find some.

"Everybody Wanna Go to Heaven" by Kenny Chesney and the Wailers

"Surfin' USA" by The Beach Boys

"Summertime" by Kenny Chesney

"Love" by Sugarland

"Mud On the Tires" by Brad Paisley

Ok, that's it for now. Hopefully it helped ya'll forget about the snow and cold for a little bit. It did me, although I'd give just about anything to be on a plane tomorrow to somewhere where its warm and there's a nice sandy beach with warm ocean water waitin' on me.

Night ya'll....