Sunday, March 16, 2008

female situation

we are going to call my regular doc in the morning and try to get in to see her tomorrow to order more tests for whatever is going on female wise with the pain. i suspect i have endometriosis as my mom had it and i think my grandma (her mom) did too. anyhow, tests need to be ordered and all that.

pray that we can get through to my doc in the morning and that her nurse will work us in to see her tomorrow. am still suffering severe pain.

also see foot doc tomorrow. have been experiencing some pretty bad pain with that especially in the bone there by the big toe. don't know if something is going on (fracture etc) that is just now showing up, but please pray that they can find the source of the pain and fix it no matter what it takes. i am sitting here with ice on my foot and heating pad on my tummy(lower) area. what a mix.

also please pray for my hubby. on top of taking care of me, he has a terrible cold and is coughing etc quite a bit. pray it leaves his body quickly.

thanks guys.

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