Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Friends Forever

I just got an email from a friend I have had since college (I am NOT going to say how many years ago that has been!). I had told her what the situation was and she said not to worry,we were friends for life.

That was just what I needed to hear. Since we have struggled with not hearing from our friends here, it was just what we needed to hear and know that she and her husband are supporting us.

So two girls who met oh so many years ago are still friends and I thank God for that and for her. I know her and her husband are praying for us.

Love you girl, you know who you are!


Anonymous said...

That's really neat! I'm so glad for the encouragement of reconnecting with someone who knew you then and loved you then and who is delighted to connect with you now and who loves and prays for you now. I know it's been a tough row to hoe these last few weeks, and I'm glad for this joy in the middle of it all.

tye-dye trinity said...

Yes, she and I were almost like sisters in college and have kept in touch off and on over the years. We haven't seen each other in about 10 years, but the friendship is still and always there. She is still my "sis". And her writing what she wrote was just what I needed to hear that day. I had been feeling so alone and deserted that I was beginning to wonder if I would ever have friends again. God sent her response to my email at just the right time!

tye-dye trinity said...
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