Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Should be Asleep

i should be asleep, but am not. feeling pretty low tonight. we went to a support group and were thoroughly disappointed. i just don't know what to do. we need support, but every place we've tried leaves us feeling worse than when we went.

my hubby and i both have bad colds. doc said on monday that my lungs were clear, so no bronchitis yet. she will call something in if i get worse. hubby is just starting to feel lousey with sore throat etc. pray for us both, the last thing we need is to be sick.

haven't heard anything about ultrasound from last friday. called obgyn today and left message but they didn't call back. i am anxious to hear because the pain is there and some days almost unbearable.

well, i should go for now and get some sleep. planning to get out some tomorrow. lunch with mother in law and then maybe movie at the dollar theather. so i better get some sleep.

i love all y'all and thank you for being such a great support.


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Milly said...

God bless ya! Now you two have a cold. Not finding the right support group is a disappointment, keep looking you will find help. Hold on to Him.