Thursday, March 13, 2008

Good Morning.

I am sitting here with a heating pad on my tummy and drugs in my system. My female area (sorry fellows) is in such pain today. I am supposed to hear today from the doc what the ultrasound showed. It wasn't a regular ultrasound. I have been waiting since tuesday to hear something. Hubby says if they haven't called by noon that I should call them since I hurt so badly.

I did sleep well last night after I stopped crying. I just felt so bad about the friend thing. I woke up this morning at my normal time which was good, but am sleepy from the pain medicine. I hope they decide something soon, I am running out of pain medicine.

I feel depressed today, which I guess is normal, up and down. I am sure the pain and what ever female wise is going on is not helping any.

Some days I feel like such a freak and like it's tattooed on my forehead what I have and that makes people run away. ( I do have real tattoos). I don't know what I would do without my hubby. He has been such a big support and knows when I need a hug and some attention and when to leave me alone.

I want to tell my brother but don't know how. I called my mom last night to see if she had any ideas. She wanted to think about it and email me. Haven't heard from her yet.

My favorite song has been running through my head "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" by Simon and Garfunkel(sp?). I would post the song cause I have the words, but don't know if I would get into trouble franchise wise. Anyhow, if you don't know the song, look it up. Its my depressive song.

The sun is shining here today and it's 48 degrees. It looks nice I bet it will feel warm. I will probably take the dog out for a pee break sometime around noon. The snow is melting and its supposed to rain this weekend, so there will probably be flooding everywhere. Our rivers are already high. Pray that nobody is hurt or killed during all this.

Well, I guess I have blabbed enough. Just wanted to talk.

Hope everyone has a great day. Be safe. Pray for me with this female stuff, it really is painful. Thanks guys.

Love Y'All,


Milly said...

Sorry about the pain meds and the pain. Those drugs leave me with a hangover. I guess my little toothache wasn’t anything to complain about. He must know that he’s about to be yanked out. Hey he held on for over 40 years so it’s time to let the baby tooth go. Yes I have some baby teeth. My tooth fairy needs to send me extra cash. You know interest and all.

Praying for an easy fix to the woman stuff.

Keep holding on.

Milly said...

I received your gift today. It’s so cool. I’m going to keep it in my pocket.

Thank you


tye-dye trinity said...

I am glad you liked your gift. I am surprised it got there so fast. I wanted to get you one that has the same scripture on it that mine does, but they were out of those. So, I did the best I could. I carry mine in my pocket all the time.
Love you girl.