Wednesday, March 12, 2008

can't do anything right

the movie was really good. i liked it alot.

i have been working hard on our laundry trying to get it done and all put away. i washed one of my husbands shirts that had some free ticket in it for something on easter sunday and now he can't find it. he thinks i washed it. i swear i can't do anything right. we get something for free and i screw it up.

sometimes its just not worth trying. i have been working hard on our house etc and the more i do it seems the more i screw up and mess things up for him. or just mess things up in general.

why do i even bother to try to do what i am doing? we have been here 2 years next month and i am finally trying to make this house a home with curtains and decorations etc and it seems the more i do the more i screw up.

its just not worth it.


Milly said...

We all have our decorating woes. Decorate the way you like it.
I’ve learned some important laundry tips
You shouldn’t wash the television remote. No it doesn’t work after.
Rocks clunk in the washer.
I know where the lost sock goes.
If you don’t want it washed remove it from your pockets.
Any money I find in your pockets or in the washer is mine to keep.
Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’ll have to wash them.
Love ya!

tye-dye trinity said...

I just felt so terrible cause it as a free ticket for both of us to a special Easter program at one of the churches in the area. We really wantedto go. I have written to the church to see about getting other tickets so we can go but haven't heard anything yet. I just fell stupid for washing it, but he did feel stupid for leaving it in his pocket. He knew I was just trying to help by washing that.