Friday, March 14, 2008


i just got off the phone with my gyn. she was so rude. she yelled at me for the way i had treated her staff this week. everyday i had called they said she would be in and she wasn't. so the woman i talked to yesterday, who was very rude told me she'd be in today. so i said i better get a phone call from her cause I have been wanting to talk to her all week.

so she calls and yells at me! she told me that she would do no other tests and if i was in that much pain i should go to the er. she doesn't want to do her job.

i ended it by telling her that she was no longer my doctor. i would never refer her to anyone. she is here in columbus and i want so to mention her name and the name of the office, but am afraid they would do something to me (like sue me). so i won't say anything as far as thats concerned.

i called hubby and he is on his way home to take me to the hospital. nobody else seems to want to help, we don't know what else to do but we do know that this pelvic area pain is not normal.

pray that the er will figure something out. hubby is going to call the gyn office later and set them straight but not right now.

i have never encountered anything like this in my life!

anyhow, we're going to the hospital to hope to find some answers since my gyn doesn't want to do anything else. will keep you posted.


Milly said...

I’ll tell you what I told my family members that have experienced doctors like you have. “They work for you, you don’t work for them.” If you need to kick open a door and let them have it. Had I known why my mom was so upset after I took her to see a doctor I would have gotten her kicked out long before she was. My dad made a mistake of telling a receptionist that the doctor needed to call the script in for her because she was in pain. The doctor had already waited a day. My dad is the nicest man I know and he worked in a professional capacity so I know he was very nice to her. Too bad I didn’t get her away from him earlier she might still be with me.

God might be sending you to a new doctor for a reason. Sounds like you needed one, this one can’t be trusted. I know that I can call my doctor right now if I need her.

I praying that you get the answers that you need and that you find a doctor as good as mine.

tye-dye trinity said...


it has been a nightmare i will tell you. as i have said in my posts i want to say her name so nobody else will go to her, but i am sure she would sue me or something.

i am calling my regular doc monday and talking to her nurse (who is fabulous) and explain things to her and see about getting into my regular doc. We want to see if my regular doc will order the tests so we can get this figured out and then i will find a new gyn. getting into a new gyn would take months. so we're going to try this route and see what happens. my doc is good and is there when i need her. so we will see. i will definitely keep you posted. my hubby says depending what they find and what has to happen he is going to write letter to my old gyn and say a few things, nicely of course.
i love you girl.