Monday, March 24, 2008

Not So Good of a Day

Its not been so good of a day. My hubby and I had "discussions" this morning that left us feeling awful. And the female pain has gotten worse. The pain medicine I have isn't working so well anymore and I don't have enough to make it to Thursday's appointment. I seriously think I will end up at the hospital before Thursday its that bad.

I have been struggling with alot of other things today. God and I have been having some serious discussions today about some things that have been happening lately. I have been a little angry at Him.

I have 3 books I have been given lately. Right now I am reading "Stepping Heavenward" by Mrs. E. Prentiss. It is an excellent book given to me by a dear friend and I am enjoying reading it immensely. The other book I have been given to read is a borrowed book. It's "I Talk Back to the Devil" by A.W. Tozer. A very good friend loaned that to me to read and I think I really need it right now. The 3rd book is in the kitchen and as I am trying to relax in bed with the heating pad, I am not going to get up to get it. I don't know what it will be like, and am not a big fan of the author, but will give the book a chance as it was given to me by my Pastor.

I am really looking forward to reading the Tozer book and highly recommend "Stepping Heavenward" to anyone to read. It is just such a good book. I am so glad that my dear friend gave it to me. He started it by bringing it to me while I was in the hospital with my migraines and would read to me. He came all the nights I was in and read to me and that meant the world to me. Also it was relaxing which was helpful when suffering from migraines. Anyhow, I highly recommend it to all and hope that you will find it and buy it and read it. Even though it was written 2 centuries ago, it still applies today, I think.

Well, I guess that's it for today. Continue to pray for me for this pain situation. I am desperate with the pain. I pray I can make it til Thursday and not have to go to the hospital.

Thanks for your prayers. Hope y'all had a good day.

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