Friday, March 28, 2008

Hanging On

i get to go up to 75mg of the lamictal on monday. i can hardly wait. hubby says he notices a difference, but today has been a bad day. very depressed and lot of crying. told him i would rather go back into the hospital than be out here, its just too hard being out here. too much pain and hurt. i see my counselor on april 1st and my shrink on april 2nd, so i am trying to hang on til then.

please pray for me. i need it badly. i have really hung myself out there and just a few have answered back. i feel like God is healing one relationship with one person, hopefully it will continue to heal after she reads about being diagnosed bipolar II. hopefully she will still stick around and we can continue to heal our relationship.

my foot is "technically" broken. it has tiny fractures in it that are making it so painful. left it in the funny "shoe" for another month. go back on the 25th to see if its healed any, if not, i don't know what they will do.

am waiting to be scheduled for a laproscopy for endometreosis. but it could take 3-6 weeks to get it scheduled. pray its really sooner because i can't take the pain and i am sure my docs are tired of writing scripts for pain medicine.

guess thats it for now. just a bad night emotionally wise. depressed. it will get better. i need some sleep which will help.

thanks for the prayers. love you all.

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