Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another ER Visit

Hi all. Well, we ended up in the er last night from the pain I am in in the female area. They didn't do anything but dope me up and send me home with better pain medicine to help me get through to the new gyn on this Thursday.

I have been tested for just about everything under the sun, so we are going to ask that the doc to please order the test for endometreosis. It is a minor surgery, but they go in and see what is going on in there. I am ready for it and if that's what it is, I am ready for everything to be taken out. The pain has been so bad I have cried and cried at times.

I have read alot in "Stepping Heavenward" today and started "I Talk Back to the Devil". They both have helped me alot. Also have been reading a little thing on Job that a dear sister loaned to me. All of these are helping me and God and I are getting back to where we should be. I just don't understand why He has given me all of this to deal with. How much does He think I can take?? Cause I think I am at my breaking point.

Anyhow, hubby is working on the truck. It needed a new alternator. We have been borrowing it from the in-laws (as they have graciously loaned it to us) so that I can have a vehicle to get around in. However, my father in law told us last night that he has someone who is interested in it and wants to look at it this weekend. I know they need to sell it but I don't know what I will do if they do sell it. I desperately need a vehicle because of many things I am getting involved in and also starting school this fall. Plus, just being stuck in the house all day every day would NOT be a good thing for me at all. I would like a truck or a basic Jeep. They have to have air conditioning though because of my fibro because I can't handle the heat in the summer. I would also like a CD player, but it's not an absolute need. So, if anyone knows of anything at not a bad price, please let me know.

Hubby has taken excellent care of me today and has been patient with me as I am dealing with this pain. He stayed home from work today because we didn't get home from the hospital til after 3am. Ugh.

Anyhow, I guess that's it. God is working on me, I can feel it. And I feel He is healing a relationship that needs healed. I am thankful for that. Please continue to pray for the female situation and that we will find answers or at least directions to finding answers on Thursday.

Thanks you all for listening. Love to all.


Milly said...

Golly sister friend you are in need of prayer. Sorry about the car. I might could find one in Oklahoma but Ohio is a bit too far for me. ;-}

Praying for you and your man.

tye-dye trinity said...

You have become such a dear sister and friend so quickly, I can only see it as a gift from God. Which I am thankful for. I talk about you alot to hubby as well as other friends.
The pain is getting worse and worse. But after the ER visit I have better pain drugs. My new gyn appointment is tomorrow at 12:30pm. I have been praying that she will be open to what hubby and I want. We want the "test" for endometriosis which is actually minor surgery, but we've done the other tests, so this is the next logical step. Besides it runs in my family.
Just pray for me tomorrow as I go and pray the doc will be open to what we want to do. She works for me, so I pray she will be open and schedule the endometriosis test we want.
I hurt so bad this morning that hubby had to come home and take me to my appointment(shrink). I couldn't have gone because I had taken pain medicine. I had been doubled over in the shower. He came and did it and not once complained. He will have to work over tonight to make up for that and he didn't complain about that either. What a good guy he is.
Keep us in your prayers
Love you sweetie.

tye-dye trinity said...
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