Saturday, February 16, 2008

Trying to Find Help

Our pastor gave us a name this morning of someone we can go talk to. I have called TWICE and let him know that we needed to see him today. I talked with my husband at lunch and am very angry about this whole situation. Nothing seems to work. He said he was going to try to call the counselor himself and see if he could reach him.

What good does it do to give us a name on a weekend when we needed him yesterday? I don't know if this guy even checks his messages on the weekend and quite frankly I don't think I can make it to monday without exploding.

By exploding I mean saying things that I will regret. I am so mad right now I feel like I could really hurt something.

I want to yell, scream, kick and most of all do it to someone who I don't feel like has really helped the situation at all.

Its after 1pm and the chances of us getting into see this guy today are getting less and less. How am I supposed to function at church tomorrow. I am certainly not going to act happy when I am not. I am not a faker. If I am not doing well, everyone will know it. Maybe I just shouldn't go.

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Milly said...

Now I feel I need to pry into stuff. Did they do an MRI or anything like that while you were in the hospital? It sounds like your body is reacting to the changes. They need to make sure that you are doing ok. Call your doctor and insist that you are checked out. Your potassium levels might be off and tossing you into this state.

I’m praying for you.