Wednesday, November 17, 2010

RNC Chairman

Michael Steele has to go! He hasn't done anything but damage our party. He's been more concerned with himself and the book or books he is writing. There has been no leadership in our party since he stepped into office.

The only reason the Republicans did so well in the recent elections is because a lot of them were part of the Tea Party. They need to embrace them and us conservatives that are in the Republican party. You have left us in the dust. If you, as a party, do not start including us, then those just voted in, will be voted out in 2012 (House, at least). I attribute all of this to the non-leadership of Michael Steele.

We need someone who is more conservative as the RNC Chairman. Now, this person should be able to work with the middle, more moderate, part of the party, however, the conservatives need to be heard as well or we will end up leaving the party and joining the Tea Party. Then there will be a true 3 party election in 2012.

It's up to you, those of that are on the Republican National Committee, to chose the right person for the Chairman's job.....and it is not Michael Steele.

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Gregory said...

I still read your posts, not quite as "hard-line" republican I do still lean to the right (despite me being a lefty)