Saturday, November 13, 2010

Republicans and Conservatives

The Republicans have really got to stop whining about 'if the tea party hadn't run here or there, we would have won that seat' stuff. I swear, they sound like they are in high school!

I am a registered Republican, but my own party is starting to really tick me off. They have moved more and more to the middle (moderate) and left us conservatives out; how do you think the Tea Party came about? Most of us conservatives are sick and tired of the Republican party ignoring us or leaving us out.

The Republicans need to start a) doing their job or they will be out of office in 2012 and b) start listening to us Conservatives or there will be a third party for good! And Michael Steele, chairman of the RNC, has to go!!!! He's part of the problem also.

So, Republicans, stop complaining about the Conservatives or Tea Partiers, listen to them, work with them or our party will split, I can almost promise you that!!!

I guess that's all I have to say. Republicans need to grow up and get down to business, fire Michael Steele, and most importantly, listen to us Conservatives!! We, after all, used to be your base and you will lose us if you do not pay attention to us!!!

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