Friday, November 19, 2010

NYC Terrorist Trial

I am so angry and frustrated that I cannot begin to put it into words! First of all, to try this man (who was on trial for the Embassy bombings in Africa several years ago), in a civilian court and give him the rights that a citizen has in court, come on now! That's just plain stupid. He should have been tried at a Military Tribunal.

But wait....

What tops it off is that he is only found guilty on 1 count, conspiracy!! Can you believe this? He was charged with 200 some murders and other charges and that's all they convict him on?!?!?! Where are these peoples' (the jury) minds??? What if they had found him not guilty on all counts? Would they just let him walk free, free to continue to participate in his terrorist activities? Whose fault would that be?

This is an embarrassment to our country. It's also an embarrassment to this administration (not that I think they are worth 2 cents). I believe Eric Holder should resign his position as AG and that all future trials with any kind of terrorist should be Military Tribunals!!

I am sick of this administration and their Socialist/Marxist ways. They have broken so many parts of the Constitution (and Obama supposed to be a Constitutional lawyer!), it's destroying our country! They need to go! The whole administration, and take Pelosi and Reed with them.

It's makes me feel embarrassed as an American citizen.

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