Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An Update on Georgia

Well, I had hoped that Russia's invasion of the Republic of Georgia would be over by now. Sadly, it is not. Russia keeps saying that they are for a cease-fire agreement with Georgia, however, their actions are not backing up their words.

Based upon reports from within the Republic of Georgia, the Russians have pushed forward, further into the country, bombing the city of Gori. They are fastly closing in on the capital city of Tbilisi and the people are frightened, as they should be. They are also blocking Georgian navy ships in port, bombing them as well. Russia has also issued threats to other "break-away" countries, that used to be a part of the USSR, that if they speak out against Russia and in support of Georgia or offer support to Georgia, that Russia will come after them as well. There has also been charges of "ethnic cleansing" by the Russians as they move through the country of Georgia.

President Bush today held a press conference and stated some things that America will be doing to help the Georgians. First, he is sending Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice into the region as a show of support. He is also sending a C-17 full of humanitarian aid into Georgia, saying that Russia should not block this plane from coming into the area. He also stated: "The United States stands with the democratic government of Georgia and insists that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia be respected. The United States strongly supports France's efforts as president of the European Union to broker an agreement to end this conflict."

We need to stand firm with this fledgling democracy against Russia. Russia's actions have already damaged it's relationship with other countries that it once considered allies. Georgians have the right to be free, to have a freely elected government, to have a democracy without interference from Russia. Russia needs to get out the country and go home. This is nothing more than Putin's attempt to reunite the old USSR under communistic rule.

May God Bless the Georgians as they fight off this offense from Russia. As I have stated before, this American stands with you. And others should too. This has far reaching consequences.

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