Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's a Small World, After All

It is indeed a small world, after all. I have been writing on this blog for a couple of days about what is going on between the countries of Russia and Georgia. I have also made clear what I think Russia's motives are and that they need to leave the country of Georgia and respect it's government and democracy.

Well, last night was our last night for our Beth Moore study. I will write more about the whole experience later. However, right now, I want to share something from last night.

There were different women getting up, giving testimony or telling how the study affected them. Then this one young woman got up and started by trying to read one of the Psalms that we had studied. She broke down, crying. You see, she was crying because her husband's family is Georgian and many of them are still in the country. They (she and her husband) are very afraid for his family and nervous about what is going on there right now.

Right then and there, this situation had been brought home to our front door, so to speak. Here was this young woman who has a connection to what is going on in that country, right there in our church! Of course, we let her say what she wanted to say and she had everyone's attention immediately.

When she was done. Another woman spoke. Then another woman stood up and stated that she believed we should not just say "we'll pray for you and your family" to this young woman, but that we should pray with her now! So, those of us who felt lead to do so, got up and went forward and we surrounded this young woman and each one of us prayed. Then, New Life's Woman's ministry leader closed the whole group prayer off with a prayer. It was amazing.

Here I have been very interested in what's happening in this little country, and yes, part of my interest is because I am in politics and I pay attention to what is happening. But, also I had a deeper interest and had been praying for the country and it's leaders, praying for safety and guidance. Then I go last night and there is this young woman (I never got her name) who's in-laws and husband are Georgian and that his family is still in the country. Talk about bringing it home!

So, I just want to say once again, that I believe that Russia is in the wrong here. They need to take their troops and get out of Georgia and go home.

I continue to stand with the Georgians and will continue to pray for the people and leaders of this country. But, now I have a personal connection. And even though I didn't get this young womans' name, I will pray for her husband's family also. I urge all Americans to pray for the people and leaders of this baby democracy. They deserve our full support.

God Bless.

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