Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bad Day

I am having a really bad day. I am losing friends left and right. I believe because they don't understand what I have and what I am going through or because they choose not to understand. We are looking for another church where we can go and just be "lost". Just go to church and worship the Lord and feed and recuperate and heal both emotionally and spiritually.

It is not up to me to judge, but I have a hard time believing that those who are leaving us as friends are acting very christian. Not the christian I believe we are supposed to be. Who are supposed to have compassion and understanding.

We have a small group of friends who have chosen to stick with us and we appreciate it so much. It means so much especially to me because I feel like I have someone on earth that I can rely on through our heavenly Father. So, thanks to that group for being there for us even if they don't understand yet, they are just accepting us for who we are at this moment and supporting us in what we are going through.

It has been a very difficult day for me today because I feel so alone on this earth. I know that God is with me and am gradually getting to the point where I am not angry at Him anymore for having me go through this. I realize that He is with me and will help me figure out how I am to use this for His purpose.

Anyhow, I guess that's it for now. Again, thanks to those for sticking with us and supporting us and praying for us. We appreciate it very much.

God Bless You All.

Love to all

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