Thursday, February 28, 2008


This morning I had an EEG with the new headache doc. It went well. They said he would only call if something should up really wrong, otherwise, we will find out the results when we go back for our follow-up visit on April 7th. He wants to give the B2 and Magnesium a chance to work. He sent me home with some free samples for relpax, zomig, axert, and frova. I haven't tried the axert yet, but I have tried relpax and zomig. They take forever to work. Last night I had a small migraine and tried frova. It worked fast! I was surprised.

When I was there today we talked about getting a prescription for that, but I haven't tried the axert yet. So, I wanted to wait and try to axert to see which one worked better between the two. They were cool with that. They said when I decided which one worked better, then to let them know and they would call in a script of that.

So, all in all, I still feel very good about everything. I still feel that God directed us to this doc even though we had to get through the rude/mean one to get to him.

I have started working out. Lifting weights with my arms, squats with my legs, crunches and this morning 15 minutes on the treadmill. I don't feel too bad. I know that it will help in the end, so I keep plugging on. Once spring finally gets here I will be able to get back on my bike and ride. I am excited about that.

I guess that's it for today. I need to work on our group Bible study for tonight. Not leading it, just want to be prepared to participate.

I will leave you with this. My husband got my a cross for valentine's day that says "In Everything Give Thanks". That is so true. In the good and the bad, we need to give God thanks for all things (this isn't a size cross you can carry in your pocket). I need to remember that, we all do.

May God Bless each and everyone of you this day.


codepoke said...

Hey, Tye-Dye,

I cannot tell whether you are getting my texts, but I'm sure you'll get this. All's well here in Sac.

I'm glad you have more good news, and hope it continues. Char's notes made it look like last night's meeting went well.

Milly said...

Still pray'n for ya. Glad you found some help. I'm looking for that cross. Two of the stores iI went to didn't have them.