Sunday, February 24, 2008


This morning I made it to church. I actually felt really good (except for the pain in my foot). Our pastor is at a conference on the west coast so our head deacon spoke the sermon this morning. He spoke on the subject of prayer and it was just what I needed to to hear.

It was also good to see everyone. I have had alot of people at our church pray for me and my husband alot. They have also brought us meals and given us food gift cards for us to go out to eat so that we wouldn't have to cook. That has been such a blessing to both of us, I cannot describe to you what a tremendous blessing it has been for us that people have done this for us.

Tomorrow morning at 950am, I see the podiatrists about my foot. I feel for sure that something is broken or fractured, but we will see. I have broken this foot before 9 years ago, but that break was much, much worse. The pain with this has been pretty bad. I didn't sleep at all friday night because of the pain. My husband had me take some pain medicine before he went to work saturday morning and I slept til almost 1130am. I needed that. Anyhow, we will see what the doc says.

In the afternoon, at 115pm, I see the doc who is the headache specialist. I pray the God will use him to treat me as needed so that the migraines will be able to come under control. Praise the Lord, I have not had a migraine since this past thursday. I don't know why or what I may or may not have changed that caused this to happen, but I thank God for no migraines since thursday. Anyhow, I pray the God will use this doc and we will find some answers.

The hymn that we sang at the end of the service today ( don't remember the name), was such a blessing to me. I sang and sang and Praised God all through the song for always being there for me and with me throughout all of this. God is really a great God and I am so thankful that I am a child of His and belong to His family.

Well, it is almost 10pm and I need to get ready for bed. Time for more pain medicine for my foot and I have to get up early to get ready for both docs.

I hope that all of you have a great, blessed day tomorrow. May God bless each and every one of you!

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