Monday, April 4, 2011

The Singles Post

Well, I will say here what I said on fb.  I am disappointed that there has been no response, except one, about my posting on Sunday about Singles and the Churches.  I did not hear from one Christian (except the one I mentioned) or even one Church.  I am astounded!

Do we (singles) not matter to you as a Church Body?  Should we not be able to have time to fellowship together as singles?  I feel like we do not matter in the church.  If you're single and even close to 40 or over, well, forget it, we're not going to have any single activities for you.

So, I guess its back to the bars and nightclubs.  Way to go Churches!


Anonymous said...

Well, you've sure got THIS one right. As one who grew up in church and now a single Mom for over 12 years, I've determined it's hopeless. Haven't been to church consistently for quite awhile because I've found absolutely NONE who even remotely offer ANYTHING for older singles!

tye-dye trinity said...

I am so sorry to hear what you have been through. I too grew up in the church and am divorced, but no children. I have been astounded as I have called around to larger churches that they do not have singles groups or leave out those over 40 (i will be 42 in June). And quite honestly it hurts. I have been hurt in churches before, but I think this hurts the most. Especially because my own church hasn't done anything. Even with all of the posts on facebook and here on my blog not ONE person from my church has responded to any of it to say 'lets sit down and talk' or whatever. That hurts so much. I am with you on the older singles. I decided yesterday to post on facebook that let's start our own singles group, not affilliated with any church and just do our own thing. So far I have only had one bite. I do not get it. I really don't. Several people have suggested online christian websites; well, some of them cost a ton of money and also when I have tried, the guys have turned out to be flakes. Anyway, I will pray for you and your situation that God will provide a miracle and you will find a group. Keep me posted. God Bless.