Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hahaha!, Lybia, and Credit Rating

I think it's absolutely hilarious that Obama got caught live yelling at a reporter and EVERYONE heard it!!!  It just shows his truly colors once again.  They are coming through more and  more; have you noticed?  And he still treats the American people as though we are the  dumbest people on earth with the way he "talks" to us.

We have no business being "involved" in Lybia!  The only reason we are is because Obama and Qaddafi are best buds and both Muslims.  My serious concern is that when all these Middle East countries quit fighting amongst themselves (in their own countries), guess where they are all going to go?  Israel.  And who does Obama despise?  Israel?  We are in such deep trouble.

Our credit rating was dropped to the negative as a country.  I heard on FoxNews yesterday from a financial analyst that on paper, we are basically a "Third World Country"!  Geez.  Way to go Obama! And yet he's still printing money in the basement of the White House which, say it with me, DEVALUES the dollar.  Most European countries won't even accept dollars anymore! 

Socialist, Communist, Neo-Nazi?

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