Thursday, March 26, 2009


this week has just been unbelievably and i do mean unbelievably distressing. i am sick and tired of this town and the people in it (with exception of a select few).

so, goodbye. i am going home to the South where i belong, where my heart has always been. this city is run by corrupt people and it seems to have spread out to the people in the community, unfortunately. i have been hurt over and over by the same people and i am so tired of it; i am not going to take it anymore.

answer me this: how can my soon to be ex be so sweet and supportive one day and mean as a snake the next??? who's been whispering in his ear? our divorce should have been over months ago and its still not done....i don't know when it will be done. beginning to wonder if it will ever be done. i will tell you one thing, he's not going to hurt me or rip my heart out anymore. i have had enough and am so done with him.

i hope that ya'll enjoy the terribly cold winters here for years and years to come. i will not be thinking about it. i especially won't miss the days of 70 degrees one day and 30 degrees the next, not at all.

will write more once i am settled in my new home state. goodbye Ohio, i will be back to parts of it, but plan to avoid Columbus when it at all possible.

hmm, what kind of song tonight? let me see what i can find. be right back.

"Na, Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Goodbye" by Crazy Frog

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Milly said...

I understand wanting to go home after a divorce.

I also understand those feelings that both of you have.

Praying for you both