Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not Asleep

Well its about 140am and I am obviously not asleep. Have had my sleeping pill and all and nothing. Maybe its my back pain that's keeping me awake. I can take more pain medicine in a few minutes, so I will give that a shot.

In some ways, the back seems better, and in some other ways, just as painful. Driving is very hard on it and always leads to the pain coming back. I have managed rides (thanks to some very gracious friends) for a few things, but today I had errands to take care of, so I drove myself. Pain. Getting to church Sunday morning should be interesting. And to school next week for the 3 days that we have it before Thanksgiving.

This back pain/issue has been very aggravating. I don't like to have to rely on other people for stuff, although they have all be gracious to help out and I know they'd want me to ask for help. Just hate asking for it.

The movie "Soldier" with Kurt Russell is on tv right now. Started a few minutes ago. Its a decent movie. Not one of his greatest, but not too bad either. I have definitely seen worse. Especially when it comes to the late-night, can't sleep, fare. There's a few movies coming out from now through New Years' that I am somewhat interested in seeing. It's hard for me to bring myself to pay $6 -$8 for a matinee though. 'The Dark Knight' is finally at the dollar theater ( its actually 1.50 now, I think). I will probably see it again (3rd time), and buy it eventually on dvd. I enjoyed it that much. I like this series of Batman movies with Christian Bale as 'The Batman'. Its a darker slant to it, and a good, good vs evil slant, and I like that.

I'm going to Kentucky for Thanksgiving. Ride situation is a bit up in the air at the moment cause of my back, but it will get worked out. I get to be away from Wednesday after class until Sunday. That will be a nice break and I am looking forward to the 'getaway' plus the seeing of family and friends.

School's almost done for this quarter. Am so glad. Have a "B" average so far in my math class (big surprise) and I intend to keep it. We 7 actual days of class left, plus the 'final' day. Then I get about a month, not quite, but real close, off before winter quarter starts up in the new year. Looking forward to the break and all that Christmas will bring. My favorite time of year.

Well, I guess I should take some more pain medicine now and try to get back to sleep. I actually fell asleep for about an hour and a half or so, but then the pain woke me up again. Ugh. Tomorrow should be a good day though. A good friend of mine has offered to give me a perm in the morning ( I desperately need it) and then I am meeting up with another good friend later in the day for just some 'hang-out' time etc.

And of course its the day of the big OSU-MICHIGAN FOOTBALL GAME; being played here in Columbus this year. It will be a cold day for it today, but no snow, I don't think. So GO BUCKS! BEAT MICHIGAN!




Later ya'll....

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