Monday, November 17, 2008

Back Pain, A Long Weekend, and the Stupid Raiders

Well, as you can tell by the time stamp on this one, I am wide awake in the middle of the night (215am). I woke up because I was in pain, again.

It has been a long weekend. All last week, was a decent week, no unusual activities or anything. I did suffer from several mini-migraines through out the week, but determined that they were happening because of stress and the big weather change that was coming here at the weekend.

Went to class all 4 days, got the homework etc., done. Found out that I received a 99%-A on my test that I took a week ago Thursday (11/6). I was shocked at that and had to look at the test a couple of times to make sure that it was mine! ;-)

Well, everything was going along well, exercising etc., except for those mini-migraines which affected me from late morning/early afternoon, on. I got very nauseous several times and thought I may actually throw-up, but never did. I would have to take some Excedrin migraine and lay down in the dark for a few hours, but it would eventually go away, although some days it took longer into the evening, than others.

Thursday night, I am home because of one of those migraines. Nothing unusual happens. I try to eat a little supper later in the evening when the nausea has subsided a little bit. I get the dog taken care of (PTL! she has stopped throwing up and is eating normally again!). I get into bed about 9pm because I am still feeling the migraine and just plain worn out.

Friday morning I wake up to find that something is very wrong with my back. I am in a great deal of pain and do not know why. When I went to bed Thursday night, everything was fine, now its not fine. I manage to get the heating pad on it and try to get it relaxed and doing some very mild stretches to see if that will help.

I had a luncheon meeting downtown at 1pm that I very much wanted (needed) to keep. So, I slowly got up and began to get ready. Took a hot shower (hoping that would help also) and slowly got dressed. Right before I left for the lunch, I rubbed some capsazian on it and prayed that God would give me strength to drive to the meeting safely and also give me the strength for the meeting. He did, Bless Him. The capsazian started to wear off just as we were finishing our meeting and getting ready to leave.

Nonetheless, by the time I reached home, I was in quite a bit of pain. I changed into more comfortable clothes and rubbed more capsazian on the affected area. Then I laid down with the heating pad a muscle relaxer to try to get it relaxed and better.

Well Saturday and yesterday were no better. Saturday I managed to shower, cook supper and do the dishes, but by the time I was done with the dishes, I thought I was just going to die, it hurt so bad. It was beginning to hurt down the back of my legs and also bother my neck.

So, yesterday I wake up late for church; aggravated at myself for that. But it has been hard to rest with this pain ( I have a decent pain tolerance and this has just left me in tears at times). I go to look at my cell phone to see if anybody had called while I was sleeping and the crazy thing won't turn on or anything. I try all the usual things (take out the battery, wait a few seconds, place it back it; hook it up to the charger (which it had been overnight).

I am just beside myself. It was a Motorola razor and I have had nothing but trouble with it from day one. I try to call my cell service and of course nobody is around because its Sunday. I do find out that one of the stores near here opens at noon. So, I called hubby to let him know of the cell situation (he already knew about my back because I had texted him Saturday evening, asking for prayer for it and the pain).

So, he said to call the store when they opened and talk with them and see what they say and then call and let him know. So, while I am waiting for them to open, I take another shower and try to sit up a bit, thinking maybe that would help. Well, I couldn't sit up (like on the couch, love seat or dining room chairs) for a very long period of time. The pain and discomfort just makes it impossible. So, I come back to the bed, fully-dressed, and lay on the heating pad (the only thing that seems to alleviate it somewhat) with a blanket and watch football and a movie.

Hubby comes and we go to cellular store. I have to get a new phone. I am not happy with what I got, but didn't feel like I could spend big money to get what I really wanted. I don't know. I may see if I can find something better online that I like and trade. We'll see. I am just not happy with the shape of the phone or the use of the buttons (very difficult for me). Oh, and the best thing is, that nothing can be saved from the old phone. No numbers, pictures, texts or anything. Great. Just Great. So, now I have to go through and get every one's phone numbers again and load them into the new phone.

By the time we get done with that. I am in such pain I am practically in tears. Every bump in the road, every sway of the truck, hurts like crazy. So we go to an urgent care. They were very kind. When we went in, they told us it would be a long wait, which we accepted. However, after some minutes of trying to sit in the chair in the waiting room, I couldn't do that anymore. So, hubby asked if there was a bed where I could go ahead and lay down to wait my turn.

So, they took us back into an exam room that had an actual hospital bed in it and got me situated on that. Oh, sweet relief. And we did not have to wait as long as were told we would have to when we came into the urgent care center.

I did cry some there, especially on the phone with my parents, as the pain was just too much and I did not know how much longer I could tolerate it. So, long story short, they diagnosed me with a pinched nerve somewhere there in the mid to lower back. They gave me steroids to help the swelling of whatever is pressing on the nerve, a different muscle relaxes (temporarily) and blessed pain medicine. The urgent care doc is going to be faxing my information from yesterday afternoon/evening over to my regular doc today ( see her Wednesday), so that she will be aware of the situation. The urgent care doc said my regular doc will probably do an MRI or such, to see exactly what is causing the pinch and where exactly it is at, so that she will know how to continue the treatment better.

Hubby brought me home, got me some food, hung out for a bit, walked the dog for bedtime and then left. I sooooooo appreciated him doing all of that for me. I know that he was tired and didn't want to have to deal with all of this, but I know he could tell that I was in real pain and suffering. So thanks, hubby. I really, mostly sincerely do appreciate it.

So, I am awake cause of the pain. I am getting sleep again (cause of course I took more pain medicine) and the words on the page are starting to blur. I will be glad if I can get back to sleep and just let my body work and heal in its own natural way.

There have been several urgent prayer requests come through my email, from both near and far, for which I have been praying for each one. But, compared to these, mine seems so very minor. But, I ask it anyway, that those of you out there would pray that whatever is causing this pinching of the nerve would abate and that the pain would go away and I would be able to function normally again.

Gotta go to sleep again (Praise God). Am too tired and can't keep my eyes open or think clearer. Will finish this late this morning.

Am back (430am). Never did get back to sleep. Here in a couple of more hours, I can take some more pain medicine to see if that will help. Gosh it hurts. I usually have a decent pain tolerance, but this is beyond that. Way beyond that.

Anyway. Thats it. The dog is doing better and eating normally again, for which I am so thankful. Now, if we can just get me healed up. Any prayers would be much appreciated. Will try to keep in touch as I can.

Oh, and my Raiders lost yet another game yesterday that we actually could have/should have won! We suck. Need new owners and just start over. I am a die hard fan, but this is getting ridiculous!

So, here's some Queen - "Another One Bites the Dust" for my stinky football team and my back.

Ya'll have a good day.

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