Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm Going Slightly Mad.....

I have had it. I am stressed to the max (pardon an 80s term). I have been for a couple of weeks now and it just seems to get worse and worse instead of better.

I go to bed every night with tension in my shoulders and back and wake up with an aching body because I sleep tensed up all night. I have just had enough.

And now the car is acting up again. There is a bulge on at least one tire and I think the alternator is going out. I am sick of this. Fed up. Tired of it. You name it. Not to mention how hard it is for me to physically get in and out of the stupid thing cause it sits so low.

I am just tired of all of this. I need a vacation from life. I have just had enough.

So, instead of going outside and screaming at the top of my lungs (although I would very much like to), I will place the link for you to enjoy Queen singing "I'm Going Slightly Mad" and leave it at that.


Neo said...

great tune, :) and I get the theme here, wish I had words to help but I am pulling a blank. Rather than politics think of what you like and concentrate on that
3 deep breaths and stretch a little before bed.

Milly said...

praying for you and your car