Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's A Girl!!!

It's a girl!

I was so surprised and happy yesterday when John McCain picked Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska to be his running mate!!!! I had to quickly do searches on her to find out more information about her, which apparently everyone else was also doing, because a lot of websites were down.

I watched the speech she gave yesterday in Dayton and thought, though she looked a little nervous (and who wouldn't be?), that she did a fantastic job! I liked her immediately. She is a woman who has been married to her high school sweetheart for 20 years (their anniversary was yesterday!), she has 5 children (the oldest is in the Army, about to be deployed to Iraq; her youngest born just this past April and has Downs Syndrome), she likes to hunt, fish, hike. She is a lifetime member of the NRA and very Pro-Life! She is pro government reform, pro cutting taxes, pro drilling in ANWR, pro Iraq war and she is not afraid to fight for what she believes in.

I am proud that she is a woman (although I have no political office aspirations of my own). I am proud that she is of my generation(5 yrs older than me). I am proud that she is from Alaska (never been, but always wanted to visit) and that she is a Washington outsider!!!

I was very surprised that she was McCain's choice, but glad that she was and that she accepted. Now, its time to get down to work and get this McCain-Palin ticket elected as the next President and Vice-President of the United States!



Reed Frantom said...

I have been watching Gov. Palin for months now, ever since I heard something about her on a news blog. I was so very excited to hear that morning that she was the pick! I actually expected someone like Romney, even though I knew the chemistry was poor between the two. Even though she has too little experience for my tastes (and I would have supported her for the presidential run in 2012, which may very well be the case if McCain is a one termer :)), hey, I watched Bill Clinton at the Democratic convention talk about how he was told he had no foreign policy experience and he did ok. Convinced me then (lol) and I cannot see how the Democrats can argue about her on that point. I think that they are just really nervous about the wildcard pick. It truly was a gutsy move. One I was impressed with by McCain, and I am all for Gov. Palin!

tye-dye trinity said...


Great to hear from you! I couldn't agree more with all that you have said. Gov. Palin is an excellent, strong choice and I am even more excited about the McCain campaign and Presidency now that he has chosen her for his VP!