Friday, May 30, 2008

Obama Lies

My hubby found this ariticle and sent it to me. I was certainly interested in it and read it fully. It shows how Obama has lied throughout his campaign and book. Should make people think twice about voting for him. Myself, personally, I don't trust him any further than I could throw him.

If you are interested, educate yourself. This election is more important than many people are realizing for our country. We need to watch who we put in that big white house to run this country. Things could become very bad very quickly if the wrong person is in that office.

Here is the link:

Think long and hard about who you plan to vote for...pray about it. It's SO important.

May God Bless America.


Milly said...

Heh! They all lie. It's how the roll. I trust not a one.

tye-dye trinity said...

You may believe that, but I have to trust some of them. I volunteer for their campaigns and am getting my degree in Political Science.

I cannot trust someone like Obama or Clinton for that matter, because they are basically socialists or worse. I believe Obama would be very bad for our country if elected. I believe the same for Clinton. They will ruin our country. So I work against them and their campaigns.

I hope you find your faith in our country and it's political process again some day. Because, believe me, there is far worse out there.