Tuesday, April 29, 2008



haven't written for a while. i am still alive. the full effect of my surgery is setting it. i feel like i have been to Marine Corps Boot Camp and done 100 sit-ups or more. i still have the pain that i had before the surgery however.

my doc has given me some medicine that helps somewhat. it dulls the symptoms but they never completely go away. i am trying to get into my family doc sometime this week but can't get them to call back. have left two messages.

had my follow-up visit with my gyn yesterday. we did a few things after that, but i wore out pretty quicky. i was surprised at how quickly. it will take longer than i expected to fully recover fully.

the new meds my shrink gave me seem to be making a difference. my head seems clearer and i can think clearer. so my mind is more ready to go but my body is sitting on the brakes.

God has been good to us though. Hubby still has job even though he has missed alot. they have been very understanding, which we are thankful for.

i guess thats it for now just wanted to say hi and that i was still alive..

love you guys

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