Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No Menopause

saw my gyn yesterday and she doesn't think my problem is menopause. i was disappointed by that. but we move on. we are stopping the seasonique that i have been taking to help control my migraines and switching to depo-provera. i am getting my first shot today and then from now on will give myself the shots. i am hopeful that this will work better than the seasonique.

i received info today from cedarville university and capital university which is here in columbus. i am excited to look through the info and figure out which one i prefer and get the application etc filled out.

the counselor that our pastor has hooked us up with is a very nice guy. we haven't met in person yet, but talked several times on the phone. we are still working some things out. however, i am hopefully that once we get going, things will get much better. i thank God for that. he is a christian counselor.

one last thing, my pops has been really sick. mom told me last night that he has been running a fever of 102 for about 2 days and they cannot get it to break. he had a doc appt this morning and i am waiting to hear from them what the doc had to say. please pray for him. he very rarely gets sick and i am more concerned than usual this time. thanks guys.

talk to you later.

love all y'all.

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