Wednesday, February 20, 2008


well, i filled out my application for capital university online tonight. i hope that they accept me. tomorrow i have to request transcripts from the 2 other colleges i attended almost 20 years ago. hopefully that process will go smoothly.

today i got my first depo shot. it hurt more than i thought, but am hopeful still that they will work better than the seasonique. after today, i will be able to give myself the shots every 3 months. that is helpful so i don't have to run to the doc for them when i need them.

tomorrow, we are going to see my neurologist. the appt is at 230pm. i hope that he comes up with something that will work. my migraines are not as severe but i am still averageing 2 a day. that is very tiring.

i have been reading a pamphlet on healing by A.B. Simpson. i like what he has to say and agree with all of it. maybe i have been going about the healing situation the wrong way. we will see.

well, i guess thats it for tonight. i am tired and still have some stuff to do. please pray that the neurologist will have some serious ideas for my migraines so that i am not on narcotics for the rest of my life. thanks you guys.

love to all.


Anonymous said...

Two migraines a day. I'm so sorry. I do hope the neurologist is able to do something to help. Hurting heads sure do have a way of throwing kinks into the rest of life and make all the other ordinary challenges more so.

Milly said...

I'm still praying for you. A friend of mine was have constant bangers also and the hormones worked to settle them a bit. She isn’t in menopause yet. She still has them but not every day.

I’m praying for you and your family.