Friday, February 25, 2011

Well, Well

The Middle East is blowing up; gas prices are skyrocketing; Obama and Admin are in Contempt of Court over drilling.  Obama tells people to put off taking their vacations and then someone from their family went to Colorado to ski!

He has not said a word about the Middle East; about the reporters who've been assaulted and sexually assaulted; he has not said a word about the 2 border guard agents who were killed in OUR COUNTRY (New Mexico), seriously this dude out to lunch! And he's secretly meeting with lobbyists!!

And how in the world did Rohm Emanuel win the Mayors race in Chicago?  Last I heard, you had to live there a year before you ran for office.  Then it was in court and it didn't look good for him (and I might add, wasn't fair to the others), and the next thing I know, he's Mayor.  Guess the mob and good ole boys network is still alive and well up there.

Hmm.  Good ole' boy network sounds like here.  Doesn't it just make ya sick?

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