Thursday, December 16, 2010

He Speaks

Well, he's going to speak again.  He'll have nothing to say.  He never does.  He just gets on tv everyday because it's all about me,me, me with him.  I can't even watch him anymore because he just lies. He talks and talks from his dear telepromters, then if he's asked a question, he blabs for several minutes never answering the questions because he doesn't know the answer!

Now is the time to move! Now is the time to take our country back.  He's down and we need to keep him down and get on the ball to get our rights back.  Repeal the healthcare bill, keep the tax hikes, but dump the unemployment extensions and keep the don't ask, don't tell.  Get with it.  Speak up people. Write to your representatives and senators and then get out in the streets and march! Demand the we have the country back that our Founding Fathers intended for us to have.

2011 will be the year.  If we don't do it then, we'll lose our country forever and we are close to that now. Think about this during the Christmas season.  Remember that Christ came to earth and died to save us all from our sin.  Now it's our turn to save our country.  Get off the couch and do it.  I expect to see people in the streets protesting after the new year.  Reclaim your country.  Get the Pledge back into the classrooms; make it ok to pray at Graduations; all these little liberties we have let go, we need to get back, not just the big ones.  Prepare yourself to do it!

God Bless America!