Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Obituary of Helen Thomas "Reporter"

This is the obituary of Helen Thomas, former White House "reporter", and I use that term very loosely. She is finally out of her job at the White House. Her big mouth has been sitting there, front and center, for years, using language that no one else would use.

And finally in the past few days we see the true Helen Thomas. The anti-Semite. The Jew hater. She probably loved Hitler when WWII was happening. She supposedly apologized, but I think it was just a token apology. She apologized because she "had" to and did not mean a word of it, in my opinion.

I honestly don't know how she managed to stay in the White House as a "reporter" for so long as it was. She was nothing but a nuisance and never had anything of substance to say or ask, in my opinion.

I am glad to see her go, especially since she showed her true colors. I don't understand why all of a sudden everyone, including the Obama administration, is bashing Jews and Israel. I thought the Benjamin Netanyahu's speech the other day was right on target and kicked butt. We need to stand with Israel and support them. Remember, when the Lord comes back, that's where it all will go down.

So, Helen Thomas: Goodbye, Adieu, Arrivederci, Farewell, Donadagohi, Sayonara, Auf Wiedersehen, Adios, Paalam, Dag, Yasaou, Ha det bra, Slan leat, and Shalom. We won't miss you!

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