Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Night

Here it is, another Saturday night. This one is the second one here in July. Gosh this summer is sure flying by fast!!

Let's see, a brief summary of politics this week. Obama continues to sell our country down the river, agreeing to cut back ships, planes, subs, oh my!! What an idiot! What's he think we are going to fight with when the time comes, and the time is coming!

The Democrats in Congress want to appoint yet another Czar, this on for health care! Huh?? Has anyone actually looked up the definition of the word Czar? Here is it:

Czar - (1)an emperor: title of any of the former emperors of Russia and, at various times, the sovereigns of other Slavic nations(2) any person having great or unlimited power; autocrat*

and since some of you will wonder:

Autocrat - (1) a ruler with absolute power; dictatorship; despotism (2) anyone having unlimited power over others (3) any domineering, self-willed person.*

Do you guys actually want this kind of power over you and yours? We already have it in a number of 'czars' (not sure of the count, but it's getting up there in numbers) in a variety of things. We have already allowed ourselves to be put under this kind of domination in other areas of our lives. When will it stop? When will we, as Americans, have the guts to stand up and say "ENOUGH"!!!

Wake-Up America!

Okay, enough with the politics for tonight. Let's move on to other things..hmm...where to begin.

I turned 40 years old on June 27th!! Had a party with very good turn out and much, much fun!! I don't really feel any older, body wise, which is good. My cake was absolutely fabulous. It was horses racing (40 being chased by 30) with the fence and everything! It said something to the effect of 'Meg's 40.....And She's Off'! Off to the races! Off to a new life. Off to a new beginning. It was a great day all the way around!

The bummer thing is that I have been battling a terrible asthmatic cough for almost a month now. There was a couple of weeks where I coughed, hard, every evening for about 4hrs or more. That has settled down some, although last Sunday night, I was up all night coughing and pulled some muscles on my left side (shoulder, neck, chest). Ribs are mighty sore too. See doc again this week, hopefully we can figure something further out about this. My cough has reared its ugly head again tonight.

Finally got my application into the college here in town! Whew! I am not planning to start there till spring of next year (Jan 2010). They are on semesters, so this won't be at such a break-neck speed, thank goodness! I am looking forward to getting back to it and getting it (the degree) done!

Nephews are growing like weeds! Both are going to be tall, but I think the younger one will be taller than the older one! It is interesting to watch them learn and grow! Think we may hit the circus next month, which would be awesome!

Well, I guess I had better go for now. Tried to just briefly update about this and that. As usual, heavier on the politics than anything else, but it's needed right now.

Ya'll stay aware and get active about your country!!! Be safe, as always. Now to try to find a song....hmm.

Ok, in honor of where I currently live, here is:

Miranda Lambert with "Dry Town"


Ya'll have a good one!

*definitions of Czar and Autocrat taken from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Thank you, Mr Webster!

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