Friday, July 31, 2009

July 26, 2009 Post: "Question"

Why haven't more of you spoken out in answer to my question? If you don't know an answer, say so. Are you afraid to speak out? You shouldn't be at all. I'm not looking at names on the answers, I am looking for honest, serious answers. Here is the question again:


I am looking for some honest, serious answers here. Let me hear from ya.


Anonymous said...

In a situation of sin in the church, it depends somewhat at the level to which the person/persons are involved with the church. Are they believers? Are they just regular attenders or are they part of the church leadership? If they are church leadership, are others in leadership aware of the situation of sin? Is it an act of sin or is it sinful behavior that is continuing? Is the church leadership split on whether or not it is sin?

There are a few answers and it depends on your perspective and/or involvement with the situation.

To answer simply based on the content of your question, churches that fail to act as God and the Bible direct us to with regards to a situation of sin in the church are often trying to maintain peace in the church community while dealing with a sensitive issue. It doesn't mean they're right. But conviction of faith and acting upon those convictions can be difficult in the political arena of church. And lets face it, there are politics and beauracry in the church.

So, churches should be acting in accordance with God and Scripture. But sometimes the people of the church get in the way.

tye-dye trinity said...


Thank you for your comment. You raise a lot of good questions and good thoughts.

A lot does depend on the situation, if that person is in leadership, if it is continuing and so on. It does seem to me, however, that churches as a whole are falling down on the job. Has everyone gotten too comfortable with where they are in the church, to "rock the boat"?

I also agree with you about politics in the church. I have seen that over and over again in my lifetime of being in and out of church. It is a sad thing, I think, that politics has become such a big part of the church.

I have seen a lot of people think about the "politics" and those effects, before they read the Word and pray to God about the situation. I think we (churches as a whole)have taken our eyes off of God and are more worried about "looks", which is both sad and dangerous.

Your final comment about churches acting in accordince to God and the scripture, is right on the nose. People in the church do get in the way. I understand that we are human and make mistakes, but I wonder if we would make less mistakes as a church (and personally) if our eyes were where they should be: on God.

Again, thanks for commenting and for your good thoughts. I really appreciate it.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the bible as the absolute final word in a situation. I see it as a reference tool to live your life.

Your question seems extreme IMO, just as in Muslim extremists, taking things a bit far produces more problems.

What does the bible say about divorce? Does everyone follow it?

tye-dye trinity said...

Taking things a bit far? And please do not refer to me as the same as a Muslim extremist! There is NO COMPARISON!

I do see the Bible as the absolute Word. I think between it and what God tells us in our prayer time is it!

Far too many people are using the Bible as just a "reference tool" in their lives, and while it is that, it is so much more than that. Because so many people use it just as you do, that is why:
(a) there are so many problems in the country and world and (b) our churches are falling apart from within.

You have no idea what the sin situation is that I am referring to in my question and that is because I have chosen not to share it with the whole world. However, I hope I am confident in saying, that if you knew what the situation was, that you would feel the same way. Why do churches fail to act when there is sin in the church?