Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yet Another Winter Storm Warning!!! (Where is Summer??)

Oh my. It is about 1235am and I should be asleep but I got to messing around on my computer for work and thought I would write on my blog for a bit since I haven't for about 1 1/2 weeks.

Yes, we are under another winter storm warning and it is really coming down! We had mostly snow earlier, and now we are having some sleet, then back to more snow. They are calling for a total of about 8-11 inches here in my county, depending where you are in the county ( I don't know why that makes a difference). They just announced that The Ohio State University will be closed tomorrow because of the weather and they never close! And I mean never!

Well, it seems a lot has happened, good and bad since I wrote last. I hinted when I wrote last that my knee was killing me. Well, its my right knee, not my left knee (the bad knee). I fell here at the house on the 17th of this month. It swelled and bruised badly right away. I thought I had just bruised it badly, but by Sunday afternoon, it was hurting pretty badly. I had my Discover New Life class to attend that night, so I hit an urgent care over by the church. They did x rays and said nothing was broken, but the doc never really moved my leg around or tried to feel around the knee or anything. They just wrapped it up and gave me some pain killers and sent me on my way.

Well, that Monday (MLK day), I managed to make it to the store for a few things. But by that late afternoon, evening the knee was burning which I knew wasn't right. I called my doc after hours and she called me right back. She had her nurse set me up to see the Sports Medicine Doc the very next day, which was great. I good and dear friend came and took me, because by this time, it hurt very badly to drive with that leg. Well, the Sports Med Doc looked it over good and suspects I have torn my MCL, and no telling what other damage. I am having an MRI this Monday (2/2) to see how bad the tear is and what other damage I might have done. That will tell us whether or not I will have to have surgery. Fun. I have been through this before with my left knee almost 3 years ago to the month.

I was supposed to have the MRI this past Saturday, however, I had had a migraine since last Thursday! Where did that come from? It turned out to be a 4 day migraine, when my dear friend called between services from church this past Sunday and said 'I think 4 day is enough don't you? And I, of course, said yes'. It has just been too much. So, she took me to the ER that afternoon. We were there till about 330-4am, but PTL, they finally found a medicine that got rid of the headache. They gave me 3 rounds of different kinds of medicine, until this last bit finally did the trick.

So, because I have been on crutches and unable to drive (although I did for a little bit today; its still very painful to do that), I dropped out for this quarter from school. I was very disappointed, but didn't know how I could do it, with or without surgery, it is still going to take a while to heal and I definitely could not see my trying to drive or get around campus on crutches. I am filling out paperwork that is requesting a tuition refund because I missed just about all of the cut off dates for dropping classes and getting money back. It may take them up to 6 weeks to decide whether I get more than 25% back, but a little more than that is better than nothing.

The good thing about all of this is that I am able to rest and really collect myself. I just felt so rushed into this quarter and felt like I could not 'get my feet under me', so to speak. This will also give me time to get into a good groove with work and help my boss get things up and running real well before Spring Quarter starts. So, I have tried to look at the good through the bad.

I know that the devil is just attacking me in a major way because of opportunities that I have had presented to me lately through Church etc., as well as other things, and he (the devil) is just trying to get me down and keep me down and I am not going to let him. I have had a lot of people praying for me, not only healing physically, but also spiritually, that the Lord will just kick that ole devil off my back. Those are the last words I speak before I go to sleep at night since all of this started happening: "Lord, thank you for getting me through another day. Thank you for my migraine finally going away with the help of the doctors at the hospital and that it has stayed gone away. And Lord, keep that devil off my back and away from me. In Your Name, I demand the he (the devil), will go away and stay gone."

Whew! It has been a very trying month in so many ways. Just so many ways. I have been hurt by several people this month in ways that I thought I would never be hurt; and that has been hard to deal with. But, I am just leaning more and more on the Lord and letting Him heal me from these hurts and help me to get over them and not to hold them against these people.

I have decided to join New Life as a Member. I am meeting with one of the associate Pastors this Friday morning to talk about some personal stuff, and he will also be doing my membership interview at that time as well. I have been presented with some opportunities that will require my membership there and I just felt that it was time. The Church as a whole has been so supportive and helpful during the past 7 or so months; I truly feel led to be there and blessed by the Lord to have found such a great Church. I have also had the opportunity to talk to kids at school about the Lord and witness to them, which has been awesome to do; truly led by the Lord.

My mom is coming up later this week to stay with me till we get my knee to a good place. If I have to have surgery she will stay through the surgery and the follow-up therapy. If I just have to have intensive therapy, she will be here through that and help me with the therapy as well as get the house organized (which it desperately needs) more organized. I am looking forward to her coming and being here with me for a while. One of my Aunts will be over sometime this weekend too, just not sure on the timing yet. But, either way, it will be great to spend some time with her; we haven't seen each other in quite a while and she said on the phone tonight that she was looking forward to seeing me and spending some time with me.

Well, I guess I had better get going for now. It's after 1am and I have some things to do in the morning before work tomorrow afternoon. I worked several hours today too. And we have small group tomorrow night, then my mom will be here! I am so excited for her to come up and spend some time with her and also to see my Aunt this weekend!

Ok, I have the perfect song. Hang on while I find it; I will be back. It's by Sugarland (whom are awesome in concert!). Anyway, I just love this song and it makes me feel so good when I hear it on the radio or CMT, I bought the CD today.

Here it is, enjoy:
"Love" by Sugarland

'I say it's love.....'

Night ya'll


Michelle said...

I love Sugarland. They rock! Miss you.

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