Friday, December 5, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Brrr. It's cold outside! We are currently at 18 degrees and falling. Not quite sure how low we are supposed to go tonight, but it sure is cold outside! Winter has definitely arrived!

I trust every one's Thanksgiving was blessed and good. I had a good time in Kentucky, but it was nice to come home again. It was a long trip (because of my back), but it was nice to spend time with family and especially my nephews! They are growing so fast and both are going to be so tall; just like their dad and I (we're brother and sister).

School is done except for final on Wednesday. I have a quiz I have to make up on Monday also, but currently have almost an "A" average in the class! Can you believe that?? Me, the one who isn't known for her algebra skills! I am pleased. It has truly been a lot of hard work and the help of the Lord that has gotten me this far; and I know He'll take me the rest of the way also. I am registered for next quarter; taking the next succession in my math class (from the same professor; she is great) and also poly sci. 9 hrs total. Math is MTWTH like this quarter and poly sci is TTH from 12-230pm. That will be long, but its gotta be done.

It's hard to believe that we are into the Christmas season already! I got a new tree (that already has the lights on it, boy what a blessing that is for me). It looks nice. I have to get busy on my Christmas card list and what little shopping I am going to do. I have a feeling its going to go by fast! I am going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra on the 20th with some friends. I am really looking forward to that; have always wanted to see them and am glad it worked out to go this year. And my cousin either is already back in the U.S. or will be shortly and we are going to PARTY at Christmastime. I am so excited to see him and can't wait to hug him and make sure he is alright. And then another girl friend, my little Italian firecracker, is having a New Years Eve party, which I am planning on attending; can't wait for that.

My back is still on the fritz. I am on a powerful muscle relaxer now. If I take it, it seems to help, but I cannot drive. So, Wednesday morning I won't be taking it so I can go take my final; then I will come home and "dope up". Having an MRI Wednesday about lunch time and see my doc again later in the day. I think she still suspects something is being pinched because it is so painful to sit up. Laying down or standing is much more comfortable; sitting for any length of time without pain medicine etc., is very painful. So, we'll see what the MRI shows.

It's aggravating with it being on the fritz. The hubby has been very helpful; has gone to the store for me 2 times now and is coming Monday to help me clean up the house a little (sweep, change the bed etc); stuff that would really aggravate my back. A friend of mine has graciously agreed to pick me up for church Sunday morning so that I don't have to drive to that, for which I am very grateful. My sister in law has also been very helpful; gotten medicine for me, taken me to the dentist today, and taking me for my MRI and doc on Wednesday. So, THANK YOU ALL! And thanks to you all who have been praying also, I know that many prayers have gone up to the Lord over the past several weeks over this situation, so Thank Ya'll too, my prayer warriors!

Reading a new book,"The Bumps Are What You Climb On". It's by Warren W. Wiersbe. It's very good and is an easy read. I haven't gotten very far in it yet, but what I have read has been helpful and encouraging. I am thankful for that. My parents gave it to me over Thanksgiving. Appropriate don't ya think...I certainly have had a lot of bumps this year.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Just wanted to pop up and say hello. It's supposed to snow tomorrow (accumulation snow). I think we're only supposed to get about an inch, but its the beginning. I cherish seeing the sun when it comes out. A number of years ago, the hubby and I lived in north-eastern Ohio close to the lake, and boy, you really didn't see the sun for months! At least here, I see it once in a while, which is better than nothing!

Ya'll keep warm. Say a prayer for my back and for my final on Wednesday (8am-950am) if you would; I'd appreciate it.

Here's a little something for the season: Doris Day and Bing Crosby singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside". Enjoy and God Bless.

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Neo said...

HI, to start, prayer for your back...
thanks for the update, good to hear all is well cept for the back,
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, be careful (of course)
I'm sure the Grinch will pass by your place with out stopping (santa clause told me so)