Friday, October 10, 2008

Obama's Neighbors

Ya'll might find it interesting to see who are Obama's neighbors in his hometown of Chicago.

Here they are:

Tony Rezko- Convicted Felon (Federal Courts) and waiting to be sentenced. He was a high fundraiser for Obama's Illinois State Senate campaigns and good friend.

William Ayers- Unrepentant terrorist with the 60s group, Weather Underground. They liked to bomb public buildings. He isn't in prison because of a technicality and currently teaches at the University of Illinois (what were they thinkin'?).

Louis Farrakhan- Supreme Minister of the Nation of Islam. He thinks Obama's the second coming (no kidding folks!).

And of course Obama himself: Belonged (still?) to the socialist group, New Party established in 1992. He is connected heavily (although they continue to lie, I mean deny, this) with the ACORN voter registration group. ACORN is now being investigated in numerous states for voter fraud.

So, that old adage must be true. People judge you by the company you keep! What a group of winners (not)!

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