Monday, October 20, 2008

19 Weeks

Well, it has been 19 weeks (almost 5 months) since the hubby left me. There were days that I just thought I was going to die without him, but I am still here.

I have grown in the Lord and grown personally in these past weeks and I am much stronger than I ever thought I could be. I am continuing on with my life and still working on myself personally and still deepening my relationship with the Lord. I could not have made it with Him, I tell ya that.

Anyway, as I kind of anthem and to say "Hey, I am strong. I am woman. I can make it on my own", here are two songs that speak to that.

"I Will Survive" By Gloria Gaynor

"I Am Woman" by Helen Reddy

These songs are dedicated to all those women out there like me, who are finding themselves going through separation/divorce and have found out that we are stronger than we thought we were! WE ARE WOMEN and WE WILL SURVIVE!

God Bless Each One of You!


Anonymous said...

Dear Tye-Dye:

I don't know you, but I am so sorry to hear about your marriage. I came across you blog from the website. My user name on that website is iknownothing. Good luck to you, and God Bless.


Milly said...

Yes we are and will!

Neo said...

I had that same feeling when my wife left me, for another man at that. Simply crushed me, I stated reading the bible. I am saved from back to 1980 or so, have wandered from the path, but still know that with out a beliefe I would have nothing. Over with the x and happy to say going on with my life, been +10 years, and the process is moving, forgiveness and all... you will be fine, I can assure you